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Top Five Places For Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Published at 02/14/2012 16:23:41


Cosmetic surgery in Mexico has become very notable these days. Mexico is one of the best places where you can have an exciting vacation and have your tummy, face, nose, or breasts done as well. The rates and charges for these beauty enhancers have drawn thousands of visitors from all parts of the globe. You can save a lot of money if you would choose to have your surgery done in this amazing country. A nose job in the US would cost nearly $6,000. The cost for such cosmetic operation on Mexico would only cost $2,000.

Cheap prices do not necessarily mean poor quality and inefficient services. The doctors, dentists and surgeons in Mexico are board certified and the majority of them have studied in the prominent colleges and universities in the United States. The cosmetic surgery clinics in Mexico utilize the same equipment, paraphernalia and facilities in the customary cosmetic clinics in U.S. and Europe. They are very similar to any of the renowned aesthetic surgery clinics. However, they vary deeply in terms of prices and charges.

There are several places to get these cosmetic services. Some of these areas are located near the borders and some are located at the heart of Mexico. Here are the best places to attain the best cosmetic procedures in Mexico.

Step 1

  • San Miguel De Allende

It is located in a halcyon mountainous area of Eastern Mexico, and it is also the home of the legitimate pioneers of Mexico’s medical tourism. It has been around for more than fifteen years and it never had any complaints from its clients since its existence. Patients are in good hands with these surgeons and doctors. There have been several positive testimonials and comments regarding the services of these professionals in cosmetic surgery.

Step 2

  • Guadalajara

Guadalajara is the home of one of the finest medical institution in the world, which is the University of Guadalajara. There are several foreign students that aspire to obtain their medical degrees in this indubitable institution.
Guadalajara has more than 80 licensed and certified cosmetic surgeons. Their hospitals and facilities are also first-class and well-sanitized. They are the best in the world in cosmetic surgeries and the rates for their services are one-third of the rates for cosmetic surgeries in both Europe and the United States.

Step 3

  • Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey Mexico has become a popular tourist destination nowadays due to their prominent plastic surgeons. Most of the surgeons in this part of Mexico specialize in inner thigh and lower body lifts. These surgeons are also very accommodating and friendly. In fact, their services include picking their patients at the airport or terminal.

Step 4

  • Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico is certainly one of the best places that will improve your look and confidence. The majority of the clinics in this area can be traveled in 15 minutes or less from the Tijuana and San Diego border. The clinics for cosmetic surgery in this area have the most advanced plastic surgery techniques that will enhance your appearance.

Step 5

  • Puerto Vallarta

It is one of the main tourist site in Mexico, and it is also the home of the experts of the cheapest cosmetic surgery in Mexico. The prices for these surgical operations are very low and economical in this region.


Thousands of clients are satisfied with the cosmetic procedures in Mexico. Their quality of work is superb and their surgeons are very efficient. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is simply affordable and reliable.


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