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Planning An Anniversary Party


"Planning makes perfect" is a saying that is apt for all things. It is also true when planning for an anniversary party. If you are planning to have an anniversary party for a loved one or for a friend then this article will tell you a few things you have to keep in mind when you plan and organize.


First and foremost, it is important to plan things keeping in mind the tastes and likes of the person you are having a party for. The venue, the people you are going to invite, the décor, the games if any, the food, the beverages, the music and every other aspect of an anniversary party has to be done keeping this in mind, especially if it is a surprise party.

The invitation is the first step while planning for a party anniversary. An invitation that tells something about the person or persons in case it is a wedding anniversary party and their lives will make a perfect invitation. The invitation must be sent to the names in the guest list well in advance.

While ‘more the merrier’ is very much true to have a fun and rocking party it is important to have a number that is not too small or too big. Once again the number of people you invite depends on the person you are having the anniversary party for and the number of friends he or she has. If the person has a large circle of friends then you will have to invite more.

The venue for the party depends on the number of people you invite and the kind of atmosphere and ambience you like. While one’s home is be the best place to host an anniversary party that is personal and befits the occasion, you can host party anniversary in hotels, banquet halls, resorts, beaches and in any other place that you feel to be right.


The decoration for the venue is very important and a beautifully decorated venue will set the mood for the whole evening. If you are having a themed party then the decorations will have to reflect the theme. If you are unable to decorate the place with flowers and other decorative items because you are not very creative or do not have the time, you can entrust the decoration to professional decorators.

The one thing the guests will talk about long after party is over is about the food served. Deliciously prepared food will make your anniversary party an unforgettable one.

Extra care and interest should be taken while making or ordering the anniversary cake and while preparing a menu that will be liked by all. The anniversary cake has to be special and if it is a special anniversary like a silver, gold, diamond or platinum anniversary it must be an extra special one.

Tips and Comments

Get an appropriate gift for the person you are hosting the anniversary party for and also for friends and family who came to your party. This will make them remember the anniversary party for long. Gather information for party ideas, plan well in advance and have a great party.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/01/2012
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