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Great Ideas For a 30Th Anniversary


Anniversaries are a special time for couples and most loved ones and friends want to acknowledge that special time for couples with a celebration, a gift, a card, or something unique. There are many great celebration ideas for the anniversary couple. So what can we do that's really great for the 30th anniversary celebration?

Celebration Ideas

There are many great ideas for celebrations of all sorts, especially anniversaries. Anniversaries are in a category of their own because that is the time that a married couple can celebrate an accomplishment they have made together whether it is for 1 year or 30. In today's society with divorce so common, when we know a couple that has been married for 30 years, it is definitely worth celebrating! We don't just want to celebrate, we want to celebrate in style and make this celebration one of the best memories a couple will have to carry them through a lifetime.

Traditionally, the 30th anniversary is symbolized by pearls. Why not use that traditional symbol and decorate in elegant style with pearls and pearl themed items and make it a seafood fest including oysters. What better way to use that 30 year traditional symbol?

Plan a surprise party or dinner party for the anniversary couple. Utilize the help of other family members, church family and people you know that want to celebrate with the couple. Do this celebration outside their home, somewhere neutral such as a meeting space at a nice resort or mountain lodge. Plan on some great appetizers before the meal, some wine and of course a traditional toast to the wonderful couple. While you are planning, don't forget to throw some pearl accents in because after all, this is their 30th anniversary.

If the couple is active in church, involve their church family and host a special reception and dinner at the church activity hall for the couple. A great addition to any anniversary dinner party would be to have a photo booth. Not only does this provide lots of fun, but it also forms lasting memories for the special couple as well as their guests.

Gift Certificates such as a couples spa treatment, massage for 2, or something that the married couple can do together make great gifts. Be sure you send them to on a weekend getaway that has wedding chapels other such places so they can renew their vows during their getaway. Make it special and plan for some very close friends and family to be there to witness the ceremony.

Gifts engraved with the name of the couple and their wedding date are special. A personalized gift is one way to definitely give the couple a memory that will last a lifetime. Or try creating a collage of photos of the couple through the years in a specially made frame.

Customized and etched champagne flutes that reflects their names, date of marriage and an acknowledgement that it's their 30th anniversary would be a lovely surprise. Or provide tickets to a special event or other attraction that you know the couple will not splurge for but you know they would enjoy.

If you want to reach out there and really do something special, get everyone involved to pitch in and purchase a cruise vacation for the couple. There are so many different things you can plan and do to celebrate 30 years of marriage. Thirty years is a long time to be married and any couple who makes it work for that length of time is definitely worthy of being acknowledged for their accomplishment.

Tips and comments

Whatever you decide to do to help celebrate the 30th anniversary, make it special. Involve family, friends and others that are an important part of the couple's life. Keep in mind there are special things you can do that are budget friendly.

Plan ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to plan a celebration for this special couple.

By Susan Hill, published at 03/01/2012
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Great Ideas For a 30Th Anniversary. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.