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What To Do For a 10Th Anniversary


An anniversary marks an achievement or an event that hold significance in your life, so much that you want to celebrate it every year, because it is so important that you remember it every year. It is normally one day in a specific month every year. The first thing that would come to mind hearing of such an event would be a birthday and a birthday is indeed a form of an anniversary. It qualifies because it comes once every year (unless you were born on February 29th in a leap year, in that case your birthday will come once in every 4 years, the same thing for any other form of anniversary which falls on the same date) and is special, universally. Anniversaries, like a good wine become better and more significant as they mature and so the anniversary 10th is much more important than the first anniversary, not to say that the second isn’t.


Anniversary 10th is an occasion that marks the celebration of an event that occurred ten years ago and was significant enough that it needed to be celebrated. Anniversaries are important, be they the anniversary 10th or the anniversary 5th. The celebration of such an event leads to it becoming even more memorable and such events are renowned universally and wherever you go you will find some form of an anniversary celebration being commonly celebrated. Anniversaries have dated back to quite some time and are an important part of anyone who celebrates them life; otherwise the event would have been long forgotten. The anniversary 10th can be celebrated many different ways but everything is done better when done systematically and so every party should be planned according to a system or method.


Numerous things must be taken into account when planning an anniversary 10th party. Among these things is whether the date of the anniversary tenth falls on a weekday or a weekend, if not on a weekend, how close to a weekend? Because weekdays are normally a bad time to host a party, for obvious reasons. The next thing to consider is how the party is intended to occur and what scale it is to be done on. If you want to have a personal party with just a few family members and friends there is no warmer place than the home. But for a grand event, a hotel hall could be booked or even a few tables at a restaurant, both options varying according to the number of people to attend the occasion. Anniversary 10th parties are usually grand events but then again not everyone enjoys a big and fancy party. It can always be done with just a handful of people that have mattered significantly for the past 10 years in the couple’s life (provided it is a marriage anniversary party).

Tips and Comments

There are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to anniversary parties but at the end of the day it is a celebration and no matter the scale or the effort put into a party, it is a success if those who matter are present and there to celebrate it.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/01/2012
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