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Published at 02/28/2012 19:58:43


When planning an anniversary celebration to remember, there are several things you want to keep in mind for the wonderful couple who is celebrating their anniversary. No matter what their age, some of the following tips and ideas are sure to help you brighten their day and make it memorable.

Step 1

The anniversary is a very special time for any couple that has reached a milestone in their relationship, whether they are celebrating their 1st, 50th, or more. Regardless of their years together there are several questions you should have answered before making concrete plans to help the special couple celebrate.

What is the age of the couple?
How many years of marriage are they celebrating?
What are their likes and dislikes?
Are there children involved, adult or otherwise?
Do they like to travel?
How much is budgeted for the special celebration?
Do they prefer a public or private celebration?

Those are just a few of the overall questions you will need answered so you can make sure you plan the anniversary celebration accordingly.

Step 2

In addition to the questions you will need answered before making concrete plans, keep in mind that there are many options for being creative, yet budget friendly all while being able to accommodate the couple with the most memorable anniversary celebration ever! Make sure by doing so, that you acknowledge the milestone in number of years, no matter how long they have been married. If you choose to decorate, make sure it’s visible to everyone with a creative banner, signs or however you choose to decorate. For example: “Happy 50th Anniversary George and Helen!”

Step 3

If you or several people together are planning to give a gift such as travel to the couple for the anniversary present, keep in mind there are many travel sites online that you can research and get the best deal on a perfect getaway for the special couple. Don’t sell yourself or the celebrating couple short by not doing your research and finding the most suitable getaway for them, according to their preference. Depending on budget, you could plan anything from a quaint weekend getaway to a week’s worth of Caribbean cruising for the special couple.

Step 4

If the couple has small children that will need to be accommodated while the couple is away, make sure you make arrangements for those children prior to the initial planning. This will give the couple peace of mind knowing that their children are going to be cared for by a relative or someone close to them and will be completely ok while the couple is away for their special time.

Step 5

Last but not least, if you are planning a public celebration, don’t forget to include everyone who is important to this couple. Some people will want to have co-workers, family members, church family, adult children, old friends, new friends and many others attend their special celebration. Anyone who has reached a milestone in marriage deserves to have “The Anniversary Celebration of the Year,” by making sure everything is well thought out and planned accordingly. The anniversary festivities can include a number of fun things from games for couples, toasts being given, maybe playing a DVD or Video of the couple exchanging vows on the special date they married or numerous other things to help this couple create memories that will last a lifetime. Whatever the situation may be when you are planning, make sure it is planned in a fashion that will make the anniversary couple looks forward to future anniversaries. This will give them even more reason to reach for that next milestone in their marriage!


Don’t forget to include anyone and everyone in the celebration that you know the couple would want to be included.
There is nothing wrong with talking to the couple a little bit and finding out what they anticipate for their anniversary.
If travel is included and the couple has responsibilities at home such as small children or pets, make sure you make arrangements to have those responsibilities covered for them while they are away.
Last but not least, have fun while planning, and even more fun while celebrating with the special couple.

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Suggested sites to shop for and book travel include:

Those are just a few suggested sites, there are many more. Start researching early to get the best deals!


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