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What To Do For a 40Th Anniversary


The 40th wedding anniversary or the ruby anniversary of a couple is a big one and must be celebrated with tremendous joy and love. Every effort possible should be put in making this event memorable for the couple. When a couple celebrates their 40th anniversary together it means that the couple has successfully adhered to their marriage vows. They have managed to be together through all the ups and downs in life and have made it through every kind of trouble life has had to offer. Most importantly they stuck to their promise of staying together till death do they part. These forty years are a huge milestone for a couple and for that they should be rewarded. And their love which managed to stick them together should be celebrated beautifully.


Giving a ruby gift to a couple on their anniversary 40th time together is an old tradition of the Germans. This tradition is still alive not only in Germany but in the entire world. The red ruby represents the glowing flame of love that has lead the couple to their 40th anniversary together. In the modern world as well, a ruby item is the best kind of gift a couple can give to each other on their ruby anniversary. This beautiful gemstone can be given in any form. Most popularly a ruby necklace, earrings and ring and are given to the wife by the husband while the wife can give the husband a ruby frame, a ruby glass, plate etc. Nasturtium flowers and roses are popular flowers given to a couple during their 40th anniversary.


If you want to give your parents 40th anniversary party then there is a lot of different things that you can do. This party is supposed to be a special one hence it should not be a typical party. The décor of the party should be very thoughtful. Everything at the 40th anniversary party of your parents should represent the years and memories of your parents together. So there isn’t a typical type of décor for a 40th anniversary party. It depends all on the choice and personality of your parents. Some wonderful things that you can do are: compiling all the old and new photos of your parents and make a video of it. You can also place their old and new pictures on large board and hang that board at the center of the room. Playing music of the time when they got married can be very romantic and touching.

Tips and comments

When arranging a 40th anniversary party for your parents, make sure that everything you do is well planned and thought of. Meet up you parents' old friends and ask them special things about your parents and their memories with them when they were young. Call up their old bridesmaids and groomsmen who were at  their wedding. You can also order the exact same cake that your parents ordered on their wedding. You can also relive their wedding day by having the same kind of décor that they had on their wedding party. Make sure that everything you do represents the forty beautiful years of your parents together.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/04/2012
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