What To Do For a 20Th Anniversary
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What To Do For a 20Th Anniversary

Published at 03/04/2012 06:20:54


What To Do For a 20Th Anniversary

So your 20th anniversary is just around the corner and you are planning something special for your loved one. You are anxious, panicky and scared of something going wrong and you have perfect reason to be too. After all it is the 20th anniversary and you want everything to be perfect. The whole day should be planned in such a way that it will blow your wife’s or husband’s mind away and make them feel like the luckiest person on the planet earth. It depends upon how you want to celebrate the 20th anniversary; you can either throw a big bash by inviting all your family and friends or make a quiet getaway to a beautiful tourist resort and spend the whole day together.


The perfect way to celebrate a 20th anniversary is by making a quiet getaaway to a great tourist resort. Probably a resort in the Caribbean or in the Bahamas is a good choice. There are many couple related activities that you can do there and if you tell them that you are there for your anniversary, they will most likely upgrade your room and provide you with the best available services. If you are short on budget and do not want to spend so much money on a vacation, you can always make the vacation special at home. Start the day by surprising your loved one with their favorite breakfast in bed. A plate of pancakes dripped in strawberry sauce is a great way of saying I love you. You can also present them with a vase containing a single red rose.


The next thing you can do on your 20th anniversary is that you can arrange for a couple’s appointment at a good spa. Treat yourself and your loved one with state of the art services like a full body massage. After the spa you can go shopping and buy your wife a great cocktail dress. If you are doing it for your husband you can buy him a good designer suit for that romantic and expensive dinner at a chic restaurant. Selecting a gift is perhaps the hardest job. Since it is your 20th anniversary, the gift should be something that says " I love you" and should be something your wife or your husband would love. Diamonds are a perfect gift for your 20th anniversary and for your husband, something like a watch and an iPad is good too. The best time to give the gift is at the fancy dinner you are taking your loved one to.

Tips and comments

Although the above suggestions are good, this might not be the perfect idea of celebrating the 20th anniversary in your loved one’s mind. You can always alter the plans according to your loved one’s preferences and make sure you have a great time on this special day. Moreover, keep in mind that whatever you are doing should be done in moderation. Do not go overboard just to make sure the day is great. Remember, simple is better!