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Ways To Celebrate a 20Th Anniversary


Anniversaries are occasions that come once a year and so are extremely rare and important. Such occasions are thus extremely important and as years pass they become even more important. Anniversaries are of different types and vary in different cultures. In places like China and India, death anniversaries are also celebrated (the celebration obviously is more of a sort of remembrance for the departed). A birthday party is also a sort of anniversary as it too comes around once a year but the most popular anniversary to celebrate is a wedding anniversary. As stated earlier, as years pass the importance of the anniversary grows and the anniversary 20th is one that is very significant as well as memorable. It marks twenty years of union for a couple, which is remarkable as well as commendable.


Anniversaries are an occasion being celebrated for as far as history can be dated and why not? It is a very important occasion even if logic is brought into it. The concept of an anniversary is to mark an important day in ones life and celebrate it every year. For this reason any important day can be marked as an anniversary and celebrated, the pre fix changing according to the occasion. But regardless of what the occasion is, anniversary 20th is one that is a great achievement and should be celebrated as so. There exist numerous ways to go about it but the emphasis should remain on the core as any celebration is always done the best when the theme is built around the occasion. No one would like their wedding anniversary 20th to be celebrated with a divorce cake.


Depending on the occasion, the celebration for anything varies. The focus here is on anniversary 20th, and that too can be of numerous occasions. For example, an anniversary 20th can be of love, marriage, employment, and basically any other important occasion in your life. Every occasion is enhanced by its guest list and so it would be a great idea all the people that have been around for the past twenty years in the hosts life. Decorations and a cake are essential as well. The party can always be a surprise or like in case of a marriage anniversary 20th, it can be something just the husband and wife do, together. Highlighting that they have been there for each other for the past twenty years and it all started on the very day, when they were together. Good ideas for presents on such occasions could be anything that compiles memorabilia for the past 20 years like a Pictionary or a video.

Tips and Comments

The 20th anniversary of anything is also important because it marks 5 years away from the silver jubilee which marks the 25th anniversary and this is a really big occasion. Such occasions need to be celebrated to mark special occasions in peoples lives and remind them that they have worked hard to get here but they need to keep it up to see it again the next year.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/01/2012
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