Buying Jewelry For An Anniversary
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Buying Jewelry For An Anniversary

Published at 03/28/2012 07:36:43


Buying Jewelry For An Anniversary

One of the biggest challenges in the early years of marriage is remembering the exact wedding anniversary date in order to celebrate the event properly. The second biggest challenge is to get the right gift to thrill your partner and show her how important your marriage remains in your heart. Anniversary jewelry, specifically designed to commemorate the years of wedded bliss, meets all the criteria for great gift giving. In addition to your gift, make sure that the anniversary jewelry is nicely wrapped and accompanied by a card that has a heartfelt sentiment written in it. If you have to delay a full-blown celebration party or dinner out together until the weekend, make sure you give your jewelry present on the exact day of the anniversary. 


Romantic tales of medieval-period kings presenting their queens with anniversary jewelry set the stage for this modern practice many centuries later. Large jewels displayed in precious-metal settings were a symbol of continued honor amongst royals. The anniversary jewelry also served as a sign to the realm that all was well in the royal household. It created a sense of well-being across the empire, even in times of war or great economic and social stress.

Today's anniversary jewelry gifts are more personal, yet continue to serve as signs to the outside world that the marriage is stable, even in the face of heavy-duty outside pressure. Tradition has also developed that assigns symbols for each year of marriage. Many are familiar with silver as a symbol of 25 years of marriage and gold for the 50th anniversary. Other precious stones and metal have become classic anniversary jewelry gifts to commemorate early, middle and later years of marriage.  


Rings are one of the most popular type of anniversary jewelry gifts. Diamond-studded bands of gold, silver or platinum are marketed specifically to married couples as anniversary rings. In the early years of marriage, a simple band with diamond chips may be all the giver can afford. In later years, elaborate multi-band or cluster diamond rings advertise and commemorate a long-standing relationship.

Earrings, necklaces or a brooch are also popular anniversary jewery gifts, especially if they feature the semi-precious and precious stones that symbolize each year. The 5th anniversary, for example, is symbolized by sapphire and the 20th anniversary by emeralds. 

Some couples choose anniversary jewelry gifts that acknowledge their growing family. A bracelet or necklace of charms with the birthstone of each child is a delightful year-round reminder of both the marriage and the children.

Anniversary jewelry gifts are not only for women. Men's watches, tie clasps, cufflinks and bracelets are also excellent choices. These items may be customized to reflect the classic year-related gems and metals for each year of marriage.

Tips and comments

Order a custom-made ring, necklace or bracelet if you want to make an especially big impression on your spouse. This may be done through a jewelry store or you can connect with a local artisans through juried craft shows and galleries.

Do not wait until the last minute to purchase an anniversary jewelry gift. Begin looking at the options at least a month or two in advance. If your jewelry selection is custom, rare or costly, this will give you sufficient time to make arrangements for the perfect gift at the perfect time. 


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