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Giving Gold For An Anniversary Present

Published at 03/12/2012 06:14:36


There are a lot of gift ideas that you can choose for an occasion such as gold anniversary. However, there really won’t be a lot compared to other occasions such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and etc. First of all, you would have to think about something that could be used but is suitable for the couple. Remember, a gold anniversary means that it’s their 50th year together as a married couple so they’re already on the geriatric age, which means there are certain limitations to what you can give to them. You just don’t give them a pair of bicycle for their gold anniversary if one of them has already trouble walking.

Do the Interview

If you’re a distant relative or a friend of the couple, you would need to have to know more about them. Ask their children or grandchildren about what they usually like to do, what they can’t do, if they have any health problems, what are their favourite things and so on. You may not know some of these things but at least doing an interview would give you an idea what gift to buy.

If you’re the couples' child or grandchild, this would be an easy task since you already know the couple. Still, you can directly get hints from them on what they like or what they would want to have by cleverly asking them indirect questions. Just make sure not to be obvious though because it will ruin your surprise.

Do the research

Thank God for an easy access to the worldwide market through the rise of high technology and the invention of the internet. You would no longer have to go around your place listing down every gold anniversary gift ideas that you can see in every store. Now, you can just type in “gold anniversary gifts” on the search field on search engines and just make a few clicks and there you have it, a list of gift ideas that you can give for a gold anniversary. Aside from just making a list, you could purchase those gifts right away if you would like to. Websites such as and are some examples of online stores where you could purchase gold anniversary gifts. They both have local (UK) and international shipping as well.

Coordinate with the organizer

If you’ve received an invitation, a note about where you can buy a gift would also be included. This is if the organizer decided to have a gift registry to make it easy for the invited guests. This would also make sure that no two guests have exactly the same present. They often do these in baby showers, weddings, and other very important occasion. So if you’re attending a gold anniversary celebration which has gift registries, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Always remember to buy something memorable for the couple. Also, as much as possible, give them something that would really remind them that it was a gift from a gold anniversary celebration, so don’t give them a silver gift which they might mistakenly think was a gift from their silver anniversary.