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How To Pick Out the Right Wedding Or Anniversary Gift


Many couples search long and hard for the perfect wedding or anniversary gifts for each other. But, knowing exactly what to buy can be a challenge. You may find that the longer you are together with your partner, the easier it is to pick out the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

Step 1

When you are ready to start shopping for a wedding or anniversary gift, start asking your partner for hints of what they would like. Consider the obvious items such as flowers, jewelry, candy or clothing as well as gifts that are more personal such as photo shoots, vacations and trips or something your partner has always wanted. Talk with your partner and try to come up with several gifts he or she would like and choose one of them for the wedding or anniversary gift. This will help to ensure that your partner gets something he or she wants but is still surprised.

Step 2

When you have been married or engaged for a while, you may find that you know the items your partner likes. Consider the things your partner talks the most about, perhaps a hobby, special movie, special food or travel location. Consider these things with choosing the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Knowing your partners wants and needs will also prevent you from buying a wedding or anniversary gift that your partner does not like or could not use.

Step 3

The easiest way to make sure you are buying the perfect wedding or anniversary gift is to bring your partner along on the shopping trip and allowing him or her to pick out the gift they want. Although this takes away the surprise aspect of the gift, it can prevent you from buying the wrong gift or spending money on something that your partner does not like or cannot use. You can also bring your partner along and ask them to pick out several items that they would like to have. You can then come back later or ask your partner to wait in the car while you choose one or more of the items to purchase as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Step 4

Friends and family member are great resources when trying to choose the best wedding or anniversary gift for your partner. You can bring a friend or family member shopping with you to get the gift, or give them a call or visit, to ask them what they think your partner would like for a wedding or anniversary gift. Your partner may have mentioned something they would like to receive as a gift to a friend or family member or they may just be able to provide more insight on your partners likes and dislikes.

Step 5

If all else fails when gift shopping, follow your instincts. If you notice an item that you think your partner would like, purchase it. You may unknowingly be more aware of your partners desires than what you think. In most cases, your partner will be happy with any gift they receive as long as they know you have put thought into purchasing it. You may want to keep your receipt just in case the item needs to be returned.


Listen carefully to your partner when discussing a trip, hobby or product. If they seem excited about something, consider it for a gift.

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By Ellisha Mannering, published at 03/22/2012
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