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How To Book a Conference Center


It’s a regular part of the job for many business men and women to attend conferences. Many of them may not know how to where to start, when it comes to the actual planning and co-ordination of a conference. A complex level of logistics planning and organization is required even in a small meeting only with a bunch of participants. It involves:

  • Reservation and setting up of meeting rooms
  • Catering for lunches or dinners
  • Setting up proper Audio Visual Paraphernalia
  • Appropriate directions to the conference center
  • Coordinating Parking

This job is made easy by many of the conference centers or mainly the hotels by offering a complete package and also including an expert to guide the process of planning and organizing.



There are certain elements to be kept in mind while choosing a conference center like price and location which are considered the driving factors for the decision maker. Many of the other driving factors may include:

Step 1

Time and Date:
It is a compulsory for the event planner to book the conference center on a particular date and time, like checking the availability of the conference center on a specific date. If it is available on the specified date then the time should be decided.

Step 2

Selection of Location:
The first step includes checking the location of the conference center. Then manipulating which is best for conducting meeting, e.g. if the companies are located in large cities then the participants will have to travel short distances to immediate suburbs, saving time and money. This can be judged by; parking in the city costs 10 – 20 dollars per car bu tin the suburban areas most of the parking lots are free or have highly discounted prices.

Step 3

Seating Arrangements:
When the first two conditions have been satisfied, the seating plan should be carried out, making sure that appropriate number of seats are arranged for the participants.

Step 4

Room Layout:
The event planner will determine the arrangement and layout of room whether the company wants it in U-Shape or Circle etc. Furthermore the environment of the conference center should look profession rather funky or casual.

Step 5

Choose your service
Organization can choose several services whether they are available or not.
• Projector or LED based high resolution screens.
• Whiteboard and stationery for meeting main points.
• Photocopy machine from that you can print multiple copies of document.
• Printing the important document from printer.
• Mail and internet surfing from high speed internet connection.
• Message passing according to meeting agenda.
• Fresh Tea, chilled water and cold drinks.

Elastic Pricing

• Reservation by “per hour” or “per day”.
• There should be no limit of minimum Participants requirement
• Professional and corporate services on demand


Hence, choosing a conference center is a big decision for the one who will be hosting the series of meetings in the conference. The conference center greatly effects on the end results of the meeting, whether it will be successful or a failure, so a conference center plays an important role when hosting external guests like current or potential clients. Due to these reasons everyone might want to conduct the conferences at the high quality conference centers but it might not always be possible due to certain factors like time, availability, location and most importantly budget.

By John, published at 03/20/2012
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