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How To Do a Conference Call


Are you far away from your office and you have to talk to some of your people urgently and that too to all of them at the same time? Confused? Are you far away from your home and missing your mom and siblings and feel like talking to them at the same time? Due to growing distances and increasing rates of fares, sometimes it is just not possible to be with your colleagues and family most of the time. If not even this, are you stuck in traffic and want to contact two people at a time. Well, you surely need to do a conference call. To do a conference call is relatively easy.

Step 1

Firstly, identify if you really want to utilize the facility of conference call or not. If you are having a problem in gathering people at a place at the same time, use this facility right away! Previously, conference call was just made through land-line phones. However, now it can be availed on mobile phones too. Firstly, you get a special number from your service provider for making this call. You have to first call the number, and then you can start the conference.

Step 2

When calling via land-line you start the conference call as a host, people start joining in. People usually prefer web conference calls. Sometimes, you can have a wonderful feature of scheduling support. It is the feature that sends e-mails automatically to the people who will be joining in, about the call information or sends them reminders regularly so that they do not forget to join in. This might cost you a bit more, but it is really a good feature for business people.

Step 3

Thirdly, conference calls are really limited. The service providers charge quite high for conference calls. So look up for the right service provider as some of the companies provide a very poor service. Before choosing the service provider, surf the internet and check for its reviews.

Step 4

Fourth: You first need to have a clear picture of the number of people who will be able to access the conference call. Usually, six people can access it. But if you pay higher, you can get in 8 people too. Isn’t it way too much better? You call one person and then put him on hold, and dial the next person’s number. Once he is on call, the phone, web service automatically gives you the option of “add to conference.” Use it to add the rest.

Step 5

Fifth: If you are not a regular internet user, do not go for web conference calls then. It would not be too hard for you to go for teleconferencing.

Step 6

Sixth: Utilize the call control features if your conference call service provider provides you. It will help you mute or record the calls. You can keep a track of what you had been talking about or doing. It is a wonderful feature!


The last thing we have up here is you need to think wisely of the medium of a conference call. That is, whether you are making calls online or with your land-line service or your mobile phone. These all options differ with prices, so make sure you choose the right one! And just DO NOT rely on free conference call services available everywhere. These can be actually really annoying for you.

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