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How To Setup a Meeting in Conference Calls


The video conference solution ensures efficiency, communication in real time and a fast method to take decisions. In conference, you can organize the meetings easily, but you can also delegate tasks with your partners and other interested people. Using in conference solutions will allow you flexibility and you can win time that can be dedicated to other important activities.

Step 1

With this management solution, you can replace the face-to-face meetings that are time and money consuming with a fast method to organize your company. You will gain many competitive advantages, whether you are running a business in local administrations, governmental institutions, public safety, production and finances.

Step 2

In conference, solutions allow you to optimize the costs of your company, to optimize the resources better, saving time and energy allowing you to grow the productivity of your company. You can be in touch with any partner or client, whenever you want, wherever you want, and the time lost in traffic can be used for other matters. Moreover, you will save money that must be paid for renting conference halls, and other expenses associated with the organization of such event.

Step 3

You will be able to make the communication between the different branches of your company more efficient, and you will be able to contact any client or employee instantly. In conference, you can organize the tasks more easily, and you will be able to coordinate your business even if you are currently overseas.

Step 4

As for the technical advantages in conference, the customer support of the company you are working with will be there to help you with any problem. As we are talking about a new and modern method to organize your company, you will benefit of advanced expertise, trainings, consultancy and technical support. The informational flux is organized at a global level, and you will be able to communicate in real time wherever you want.

Step 5

The in conference system is great for local administrations that are able to organize actions at a national or local level. For the governmental institutions, it is simple to organize a spontaneous meeting or to solve an emergency matter. In case of disasters or other emergencies, it is simple to reduce the loses and to use the resources more efficient, being able to send orders to a large audience.


The in conference system is also great for legal matters, as the lawyers and prosecutors are now able to obtain testimonials and declarations without the presence of the respective person, benefiting of witness protection features with voice and image distortions. The health institutions have the possibility to diagnose, consult and to send images in real time. In conference, real time images can be sent, and the doctors can offer guidance and advices to patients in case of emergency.


The system is successfully used by educational institutions, as the in conference system is the perfect structure for e-learning. Now, the students can benefit of distance learning, and with the advanced features of the program, they will also be able to receive the courses and documents needed on mail.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 03/12/2012
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