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In this day and age, the world has become a communication village and with technology such as call conferencing, one does not even have to move from the comforts of their seats to communicate with more than one individual at a time.
With rising costs of energy and the inconvenience that is caused by travel, it is not a wonder why an individual may prefer not to have to go halfway around the globe for a minute or a lecture. However, sometimes businesses demand it and we have to pull our feet and get to where we are needed and back. Travelling can be quite disconcerting, but with calling conference, one does not have to worry about this anymore.


Conference calling gives more than two individuals from various physical locations the opportunity to communicate with each other. Unlike a normal telephone call, conference calling involves more than one person who is invited to listen in, and in some instances they can all contribute to the conversation. Conference calling has become a huge hit with many companies and most of them are opting for this choice instead of travelling for various reasons.


In business, time is more valuable than money making the time that is saved with conference calling invaluable. If this is added to the money that is saved on travelling costs, then the business benefits a lot from conference calling. Furthermore, it allows conversations to be recorded so that the parties can go back and listen again in order to get details that they may have missed.

Tips and comments

When conference calling, there are certain things that all the parties need to consider in order to make the whole process fruitful. First of all, conference calling requires that all the parties involved schedule the exact same time to participate in the process, and this time has to be convenient for everyone. You should always ensure that you do not have any outstanding fees with your service provider and also and that all the parties involved have the personal identification number in order to ensure that the conference calling goes on without any hitches.

Conference calling will take place on the set date, and all the parties involved will have to phone a toll-free line whose number they should have beforehand, and key in the personal identification number that they were provided with. Immediately, after this is done, they will become parties in the conference call, and they will be able to listen to the conversation as well as contribute when called upon to do so.

Conference calling provides a service in which the host of the call can mute other callers, meaning that they are merely listeners, or not mute them so that they can communicate. In case presentations are necessary, the internet can be used so that the conference calling is transformed into a video conference. The host is the one who is in charge of the conference as he or she pays for the service, and when they decide to terminate the call, then the conference is over.

Conference calling is a revolution in information and a testimony of man’s ingenuity as it shows how man has been able to formulate a new way of eliminating a necessary inconvenience, which is traveling to in person meetings.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/09/2012
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