Internet Conference calls

How To Do a Conference Call on the Phone

Published at 03/23/2012 21:42:42


Businesses have gone global, but with conference phone technologies, you as the business owner do not have to follow your business around the world. You can simply make a conference phone call with other partners as well as potential suppliers and buyers without ever leaving your office chair.

Step 1

You must have a subscription from a service provider who will provide you with the services that you require in order to make a conference phone call. This subscription is normally paid for, and you may be charged depending on the number of participants in a particular conference phone call, or you could be charged a monthly fee if you conduct conference phone calls often.

Step 2

When choosing a subscription, it is important to consider whether the number will be toll-free, meaning that those calling in will not pay anything, and whether it will require additional hardware for long-distance calls.

Step 3

After you have paid for subscription, you need to give every participant the information that they will need in order to participate, such as the number as well as the password that they will need in order to listen in. Always test the equipment before the conference phone call to ensure that it will not disappoint you on the appointed day.

Step 4

You should schedule the conference phone call for a particular day, and on the appointed day, you should log in on time and ensure that everybody who is expected to be present has joined the conversation before you start the conference.

Step 5

For a conference phone call to be successful, it has to be carried out in a suitable environment which is free from noise. A meeting conducted over the phone should be just as formal as a meeting that is conducted in the office, and there should be no background noises which could distract the meeting as it goes on.


There is also a way in which you can incorporate the internet during a conference phone call so that you can be able to make presentations which every person who is logged in can see. If this is what you intend to do, you should double check that your internet connection is working, and that the other participants are logged in through the internet as well. You should also ensure that your service provider has this option so that you are not disappointed on the given date.

Sources and Citations

Just as in a regular meeting, minutes of the meeting should be put down for filing purpose. A conference phone call can be quite beneficial, as it helps businesses to save on time as well as the money that would have been spent if they had to travel to a central location for a minute. A conference phone call can be conducted from any location, and the participants can also receive it from anywhere, but you should always ensure that the place that you conduct this call from is quiet, and if there are any background noises, you should mute your phone so that you can hear what the speaker is saying, but they cannot hear what is happening around you.