Internet Conference calls

Setting Up the Conference Call

Published at 04/02/2012 03:01:24


First and foremost a conference call is the process whereby a group of people talk to each other on phones discussing issues of everyday life. These issues of everyday life discussed by these people may range from politics, education, religion, sports, dating, among many things to mention but a few. Usually, before these people conference the call, they usually discuss the time to make these calls and may include the topic to be discussed. A person from the group may call each member of the group individually and inform them about the conference call. This is to enable the people involved to conference the call effectively because they will make time if they are informed about it early enough.


Adding to that, because of the busy schedules of people, it’s very important that people involved in conference calls are informed earlier on by a member so that it will be easier for all of them or most of them to be able to conference the call. In the process of setting up a conference call, the location of those taking part in the conference call is usually not important, since the process involves talking on phones. To conference the call, each member will therefore not need to travel to where the other members are. This helps to reduce cost related to travelling.


Furthermore, in setting up the conference call, the issues to be discussed does not really matter; what is important is the time, since it might be an emergency, therefore requiring members or people involved to conference the call in order to take different ideas contributed by them concerning the issue. Members involved in the conference call may be members of the same sex or both members of the same sex and the opposite sex combined. The sex of the members does not matter. This, therefore, makes it easier to conference the call since the process is not gender biased.

Tips and comments

Again, in the process of setting up the conference call, the color or race of the members taking part does not matter. The important thing here is the language; a common language should be communicated on the phones of members to facilitate easy understanding. The language type does not matter when there is an agreement among members to conference the call. The language spoken should be understood by all members involved so that there would not be chaos in information flow in the conference call of these people.

Lastly, because of the advancement in technology globally, there has been the rise in the manufacture of cell phones or mobile phones, hence the increase in their usage by people. This has resulted in the increase in setting up conference calls by family members who do not reside in the same place, as well as friends, employers and employees, and students who might not be in the same place. To conference the call makes information flow easier and less expensive since members will not have to travel far to communicate. To conference the call, therefore, enables news and information to easily spread among many people within the shortest possible time.