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How To Hold An International Conference Call

Published at 03/29/2012 19:30:00


With the growing tendency of globalization, it seems like companies are now in need of methods to communicate between offices in different countries. While in the past, the majority of those companies only needed local communication methods, in our days, any major company and corporation needs to communicate not only with their offices in other countries, but also with their business partners overseas. In this case, the international conference is the most effective method.

Step 1

The international conference encourages communication, as you can easily speak with your employees that are currently located in other countries. You can also save money, time and space. If you want to host a conference, you will need to pay for the location, catering, but also transportation and accommodation of people that you call for the respective conference. Well, all those problems are solved now by the international conference.

Step 2

It is simple to host an event of this kind. First, you will need to talk with your communication solutions provider, to give you the needed hardware and software for this matter. As soon as you have those devices installed, you will be trained by a specialist of the respective company. this way, you will be able to host the international conference without any help. The respective company must also install the program on your main server, and on the computers of people that you want to communicate with.

Step 3

The international conference software must be simple and user friendly. You will have to speak with your business partners about the hour when you want to start the conference. While the number of people that can participate to a conference is huge, you will only need a single server to host and initiate the international conference. This is why you will need to use a reliable and fast computer as a server.

Step 4

The software will also tell you if all the invited people attended the conference. As soon as everybody is in front of his or her computers, the conference can start. with the help of the additional features of the program, you can exchange electronic documents with other participants at the international conference, and you can speak about the respective documents.

Step 5

The international conference encourages the creativity of the employees, but also communication within the company. the interactive meetings could generate new ideas through brainstorming, and you can speak about a topic with all the persons involved in the conference.


You can even connect with your business partners, so you can show them the new products your company has released lately. Moreover, the international conference can also be used by universities to communicate with overseas students.

Sources and Citations

However, in this case, we are talking about hundreds of students all over the world attending the same conference at the same time, so it is important for the server to be reliable. Ask the international conference software and hardware provider to offer you a backup solution. it is possible to have a backup server, and if the main server fails, the conference will be held on this secondary server.