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How To Host An International Conference Call

Published at 03/29/2012 19:33:16


The international conference software and hardware industry is changing, and there are two major currents. The traditional international conference is based on a dedicated hall where people from all over the world meet to discuss important matters, but there is also the modern method of hosting an international conference online. the new solutions proposed by major providers of this kind promise to bring even more performing solutions, for the users of desktops, but also for mobile terminals. As a result, companies and corporations are now looking for those modern methods to host an international conference.

Step 1

Even if you will need some hardware devices and a program installed on some of your computers, it is not hard to host an international conference. The solutions provider has the responsibility to install the hardware needed on all the computers, and to train you about using the software.

Step 2

It is important to benefit of a complete software solution that will be able to host an IP based conference. Moreover, you will also need to determine the capacity of your servers, as an international conference with lots of participants will probably use many resources.

Step 3

Even if a conference of this kind could have hundreds of participants, it will be hosted on a single server. the most performing solutions of this kind will offer the possibility for any computer in the network to be a host for an international conference.

Step 4

This way, not only the manager at the main headquarters will be able to host such conference, as the other managers and employees from the overseas offices of the company will also be able to host an event of this kind.

Step 5

The program will tell you if all the invited participants are attending the meeting. You can even set the program to start the conference only when all the employees confirmed their participation. This way, you will not risk starting the conference without the presence of important employees.


It is also possible to host an international conference directly on the internet browser, but in this case, you will not only need a powerful internet connection, but also strong video capacities. The principle is the same as the one of classical video conference. Just enter the user and the password in the browser, invite all the people you would like to participate, and start your conference instantly. The major disadvantage of this solution is the security, as the browser international conference can be attacked by hackers more easily. This is why you will also need a powerful spyware solution installed on all the computers of the participants to prevent such attacks.

Sources and Citations

A system of this kind represents the simplest solution to make the level of communication more efficient between different departments of a company, allowing the managers to take decisions fast, and to communicate the respective decisions to the employees in an efficient manner. considering the fact that it is easy to host such a conference, it will probably become the most common way for people of a company to communicate with each other.