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Setting Up a Conference on a Computer Network

Published at 04/03/2012 16:25:57


A Conference on computer network is one of the most effective communication methods now in the globe. By this network connection they can also have a wired connected in different rooms of the same house. To do conference in this process they don’t need a separate meeting room. They can do the conference anywhere, anytime, without the arrangement of a particular time. Conference on computer network means conference through internet chatting and video chatting etc. WIFI can do the same thing in a small periphery.

The ways of setting:

To set up a computer network ISDN system was used before and now the DNS system is used. To do conference on the computer network IP address has to be assigned first and then PIC firewall has to be used to secure the network through internet. Projector should be added with the computer to create the view of the minutes of the conference on computer network. Then they have to sign in their consecutive accounts to get connected with one another. To set up the network connection in the same room which is wired at first one has to go to start button. After clicking it he has to choose Connect to, and then they have to click Set up a connection or network and then set up an add hoc network. Then they have to use the button next. The computer network will be connected. To set up the wireless network one needs to have a wireless adaptor for network to join the other networks with it. Once the network access is connected and all the computer systems and connections are on, the conference on computer network can easily be started.


Setting up a computer network and doing conference through chats, video chats is the best option of communication now. Conference users will get a username and password and when they are signed in they will be able to do the conference on computer network from anywhere anytime. It is the most effective and used methods of doing conference. This flexibility itself gives a very good opportunity to continue the meetings online and have the best possible results. By setting up conferences in computer network one can also do the conference while doing another work continuously with it. Therefore it saves time and at a time one can do more works by the help of this arrangement is well.

The volume of utilization:

Because of its above said conveniences this method is widely accepted by all the multinational companies. They often do the conferences using this method to cut down the expenditure of arranging a conference in a particular meeting place. They save their time also and energy is saved at the same time. They get the same or sometimes the better result as conference on computer network is quick. Now it is seen that most of the big companies set up the conferences on computer network and continue their work. The success of this process denotes the fact that the process is no doubt worthy for the people who use it.