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How To Set Up a Computer For Gaming


Computer gaming is one of the biggest reasons why people purchase computers. and even if it wasnt the reason when they bought that old computer ages ago, it has become their primary motive to sit down in front of it. No matter how old your computer is, you can upgrade it to a level which supports high speed and high quality computer gaming.

Step 1

If you are about to buy a new computer for the purpose of computer gaming, you want to refurbish it then there are a few things that you must keep in your mind while purchasing or updating.

Step 2

Computer gaming involves the whole computer. The CPU, the motherboard, monitor, mouse or joysticks and keyboard. All of these parts play an important role in computer gaming and therefore each one has to be updated and be in perfect working condition.

Step 3

So two of the first things that you need to check in a computer when buying is its processor and its storage space for computer gaming. The same is true when you are trying to update an old PC to become perfect for computer gaming. the first thing that you would require to be upgraded is its processor. All of the latest processors have high speed to hold up computer gaming and HD video watching. For example, Intel Core i7 and AMDs Phenom II.

Step 4

Next, you need to have a computer with some spacious memory space or you could just purchase some extra memory the same as this is going to be essential if you really want to enjoy some computer gaming. Most of the latest games are based on heavy files with an HD quality imagery, therefore you better look for some extra space for your computer. You might want to replace the SD RAM with DDR RAM.

Step 5

A topnotch video card is another must, if your sole purpose of owning a computer is computer gaming. This is especially needed if you are into highly intensified graphic games. Again the video card must have good amount of video memory to support it.


If your own PC doesn't have a large storage, then you can still upgrade it by external hard drive having large storage area. Now once you have invested a lot on the insides of the computer to make it strong for computer gaming, it is time that you should look at its external body parts. the monitor for instance.

Quite frankly, it isn't much fun to play top quality and latest games on an old rounded screen. at the very least you should be having a flat screen monitor or the provision of using your LCD as a monitor. This is going to elevate the experience of computer gaming to a whole new level.

Last, but certainly not the least, when setting up a computer for computer gaming, you should make sure that you have a fast Internet connection that enables playing games online.



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