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PC gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, and even eclipsed console gaming for a while in the 90s, and it was all thanks to the ability to play Windows games. Although not  the only personal computer game based operating system (operating system), as there are games available on operating system X and Linux, Windows games have the largest library, specs, and almost all gaming laptops are exclusively dedicated to run on Windows.

PC gaming has come along, from single pixel titles like Spacewars, which was made in 1962, to modern juggernauts like Crysis 2 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The days of Windows games came into their stride during the 90s as titles like Doom III and the slightly older Wolfenstein became massive hits, while also helping to pioneer the FPS (first person shooter) genre.

Of course, since Windows was the most easily and widely available operating system (operating system ( and still is ), most games developers started to focus exclusively on creating Windows games, if these games became hits, they were later on ported to other systems, although by "other systems" I mean mostly Mac.

Prime examples of this ideology are the AOE (age of empires) series, as AOE 1, 2 and 3, and all their spin offs, were first made as Windows games, then later on ported to Macintosh. This has been the bread and butter of most game developers, as very few actually insist on making ports, even popular games like Mass Effect three chose to forgo conversion to operating system X.

Linux has y never had the joy of having converted Windows games on its systems, thats not to say there are no games on Linux, it has its fair share of platform specific and open source games, and most of them are very entertaining.



The best advice when it comes to playing Windows games, is to always make sure you aim for an enhanced experience. The best way to insure you have an enhanced experience, is to make sure that you have some of the following features at your disposal.

The first one is a powerful laptops. Anything that does not have at least a one GB (gigabyte) graphics card, an iCore5 processor and 4 GB of RAM, will result in compromised experience. Another worthwhile addition to add to your experience playing Windows games, is to make sure you have a high definition laptop screen,  doing so will insure your visuals pop and look bright, while also reducing frame-rate drop issues.

Another piece of advice is to get a high speed broadband connection, aim for at least a one MB/s connection, as this will make sure a smooth connection for online multi-player games. If you're are more comfortable with an Xbox 360 controller, and wish to connect your laptop to one, you are advised to do so. Most modern games support this feature, just check the game box  coverage to confirm. There are plenty of online guides on how to connect you Xbox 360 controller to your laptop.

The last piece of advice to enhance the experience of playing Windows games, is to get a pair of high definition earphones or excellent loud speakers, great sound quality makes for an immersed experience. You can can combine a pair of good headphones with talk set as well.


Tips and comments

  • Always keep the warranties for all the accessories you buy.
  • Get a comfortable chair with a high back for prolonged gaming.
  • Dimming the lights is bad for your eyes while gaming.


By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/31/2012
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Great Advice For Windows Games. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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