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How To Find Computer Games For Windows

Published at 03/09/2012 04:40:21


So you have the computer of your dreams. You got all the of the hardware and software updated so that you can play the newest games on the market. Now it's time to figure out where to get these great games at an affordable price. Getting computer games for Windows is easier than it has ever been in the past and there are a number of resources you can utilize to get the best games available. 

Step 1

Look at local stores to see if they sell computer games for Windows. Many stores like Walmart or Best Buy sell a large amount of games. You will likely find more computer games for Windows at stores like Best Buy since they specialize in electronics and have a wider selection. Other stores are still great for the newest titles, but go to the specialty stores if you are looking for a hard to find game.

Step 2

Check online auctions sites such as Amazon to see if they sell computer games for Windows. Many times you will find these games at a lower price on sites like this because they are more free to set their own prices. There is also the advantage of not having a store to maintain, and this means lower prices for you. Check multiple auctions sites to see where you can get the best price when buying computer games for Windows.

Step 3

Download a digital distribution software such as Steam. Software like this is a great way to get computer games for Windows. You will have access to many of the newer titles at a fair price. What is best is that you can download them right from home without the need to go to the store. Another advantage to this software is that you no longer need discs. As long as you can log into the Steam network you are able to download your games, even if it is on a new computer.

Step 4

See if anyone you know has computer games that they no longer want. Getting computer games for Windows like this means that you may not have to pay anything or will only have to pay a little. Many people have bought games over the years, or even recently, that they no longer have any desire to play and would be happy to give them to you. Check around with a lot of people so you can see what they have to offer.

Step 5

Check yard or garage sales for computer games for Windows. Since many people have old games they no longer want you will likely be able to find games at yard sales. This also means that the games should be lower priced since people dont go to yard sales expecting to spend much money. Check local listings for yard sales so that you can be the first one there and get the best choices.


Look around at multiple places for the best prices on computer games for Windows. There are many options available and you will thank yourself when you get the best games at the best prices.

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