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How To Find a Cheap Domain Name And Hosting


Websites today are an essential part of any business; whether it is a new one or an existing one. Today, along with businesses, individuals are also setting up their own personalized websites for their own use. For a website to be up and running on the internet, a good website hosting service is very much essential. There are many website hosting services available on the internet today. You can buy domain names and online spaces from these web hosting service providers.

Step 1

So what exactly is a domain name? It is nothing but the name of your website along with the extension of .com or .org etc. This forms the URL to your website. It can also be said as a label which is used to identify the website. For your website to be accessible by the public, it is important that you host your website on the internet. For this, there are many website hosting services and you can also choose a hosting name of your choice which is not yet taken.

Step 2

There are many bloggers who are looking to find a good hosting name which will sound more professional. When you are looking for a cheap hosting name, make sure you do not end up wasting money on some unreliable service providers who are not even trustworthy. Make sure that you choose a good reputed and professional hosting service provider to host the website along with buying a hosting name.

Step 3

There are also many people who really stress on buying the ‘.com’ extension for their website. However this is not something very much mandatory. There is no need to give much importance to the extension of the hosting name.

Step 4

There are many free web hosting services too available on the internet which can be useful for people who are looking to make the deal much cheaper. Most of the Internet Service Providers are offering this kind of a service to the people. However, this kind of a hosting name and web hosting service may not fulfill your needs in terms of bandwidth, disk space etc.

Step 5

These free services also may not give you what you need or what you hope to get from a web hosting service or hosting name provider. Therefore, be careful in choosing one for you.


There are companies which offer free hosting names for your website when you buy a website hosting plan. Choosing to opt for one of this kind of service can help you save quite a bit of money every year. Since bandwidth and disk space are two most important things which affect the success of your website, you should sign up with a website hosting service provider that provides a considerable amount of both.

Sources and Citations

Although there are many hosting service providers who promises unlimited bandwidth and disk space, the effective bandwidth you get is not the same as promised. This is why it is most helpful to read the many reviews about the hosting name service providers written by the users and experts in the field.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 03/16/2012
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