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Top 5 Cheap Hosting Companies


Hosting companies host websites for their customers. Web hosting services provides organizations and people with a way to make their sites visible and accessible through the Internet. Web hosting services provide space on servers that are owned or leased for clients use. They also provide Internet connectivity in data centers. The number of hosting companies is increasing and some are hosting cheap.

It is not unusual to see hosting companies advertising themselves. Hosting companies may also provide data center spaces and Internet connectivity for other servers within their data centers. This is known as collocation or Housing in France and Latin America. Although there are companies that are hosting cheap, it is essential to determine if their hosting services are dependable before getting into any agreement with them. Most of the hosting companies restrict themselves to supplying domain name and hosting services. It is rare to find some that also create websites for their clients.


The history of web hosting began in 1980s when TCP/IP format was used for the first time to tie ARPANET system to several networks. This format allowed networks to access each other but operating personly. This is the time when term"Internet" came into use. In 1984, Domain Name System was introduced. In 1985, was the first domain name to be registered. It is still in use by services interested in hosting cheap.

In 1991, NSF (National Science Foundation) lifted commercial restriction on the web. The led to introduction of electronic commerce and any companies saw it as opportunity to provide web hosting services. This is the same year that CERN released www (World Wide Web). It incorporated new Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) computer language by Berner-Lee. HTML turned to be the universal standard to locate website addresses. It uses specifications for URLs. Technological advancement has made it easier for services that are hosting cheap. There are multitudes of hosting services as opposed to some years back when it was preserve of big companies.

Technology advances at a fast pace changing the way hosting company’s package their services to customers who now benefit from cheap prices. The top 5 cheap hosting companies are:

  1. BlueHost: BlueHost has between providing hosting services since 1996. Although it hosts more than a million websites, it specializes in hosting cheap. It charges $3.95 per month. The domain name and setup are free. Clients are allowed to host unlimited sites on one account. They also get unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  2. iPage: iPage provides quality and cheap hosting since 1998. It used to charge $6.95 before creating a special offer of $3.50 per month. iPage provides its customers with free domain name hosting and money back guarantee to a customer who is not satisfied with its services.

  3. WebHostingPad: WebHostingPad was founded in 2005 and it charges $2.99 per month a really low price for hosting cheap. It offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites making it one of the most affordable budget hosting services.

  4. IX Web Hosting: IX Web Hosting was established in 1999. It has more than 200,000 customers. At $3.95, IX Web Hosting provides customers with unlimited bandwidth, disc space, and 2,500 email accounts among other features.

  5. Lunarpages: Lunarpages charges $6.95 a month. It has a high speed server and provides hosting packages suitable for e-commerce. Customers get free domain name and can host unlimited websites on one hosting account.

Tips and comments

There are many companies known for hosting cheap. You can use these tips to pick the best:

  • A great hosting service should have different packages to enable the clients choose the ones that suit them.
  • Good hosting companies have reliable customer service that client can use for contact 24/7 when they need help.
  • A hosting company should be flexible to the needs of the different clients. Custom made packages are the backbone of hosting cheap.
By Ngari Njoroge, published at 03/02/2012
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Top 5 Cheap Hosting Companies. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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