How To Get Free Hosting For a Website
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How To Get Free Hosting For a Website

Published at 03/01/2012 19:09:43


How To Get Free Hosting For a Website

When you are planning to start your own website, there are plenty of hosting free options out there for you to take advantage of. For new websites, you may not want to start off with a paid hosting plan incase the website does not do as well as you thought. Hosting free packages are out there if you know the right places to look. While a hosting free plan does typically not provide you with everything that a paid plan does, it may work for your needs. Hosting free websites can usually even be upgraded to paid plans if you decide this is something that you would like to do.

Step 1

To get hosting free for your new website, you will first want to think about the features that you will need for your website. Finding a free hosting plan that has everything that you'd like may be difficult, but is definitely possible. Some hosting free websites may offer more features than others, but will require you to place advertisments on your website pages. If advertisements are not something that bother you, this could be a great option. Some things that you will want to think about before looking for hosting free plans include the amount of storage space you must have, if you will need mySQL databases, if FTP servers are available, and if one-click add ons are needed for your website.

Step 2

Open up your favorite search engine website and start a simple search for hosting free packages. Simply type in, "free website hosting" and start your search. The most relevant websites that offer this service should appear at the top of your search results. Some websites that you may find that offers hosting free packages include 000webhost, 110mb, and Bravenet. Check out each individual web hosting site to see which offers the features that you're interested in.

Step 3

000webhost hosting free packages offer everything that you may need for your website, all for free. You will get 1,500 MB of space, mySQL databases, a control panel, easy to use site builder, and no advertisements. With hosting free for your website, you will not have your own .com domain name. You website URL will be a subdomain of 000webhost. If you are happy with the hosting free plan from this website, you can also upgrade to premium hosting which offers your own domain name and unlimited everything.

Step 4

Hosting free packages can also be found at 110mb. With free hosting for your website from 110mb, you will get 110 MB of storage space, a free site builder if you do not know coding and HTML, 24/7 support available from the forums, and advertisment links that will be placed at the very bottom of your web pages.

Step 5

Bravenet is another website where you can take advantage of a hosting free plan. Bravenet makes it easy to create a simple website in no time at all. You can use a drag and drop site builder, pre-made templates, easy add-on applications, support, and so much more.


How To Get Free Hosting For a Website

For more hosting free website packages, check out other search results and find one that has everything that you're looking for with no cost at all.


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