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Website availability on the World Wide Web is a big headache for webmasters. A good website must try to engage their visitors with their good content and stylish display. It is a misconception that websites don’t yield money at all, which is completely wrong, if the website is popular among the users, and then advertisers will be very eager to post an advertisement on the website. The first major step is to get a service from web host provider for hosting asp net website. A good web host provider are responsible for uptime of the website, as well as for search engine optimization, extensive research must be done before selecting a particular service for hosting asp net website. Below we are going to discuss about 5 important things to consider, before hosting asp net website.

important points

Service provider for hosting asp net website must support different versions of asp. The commonly used versions of asp are 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. Another important thing is that, which version of asp is used in developing the webpage. It must be ensured that the provider supports that version. Version incompatibility must be checked before investing the money. These points must not be neglected.

The cost of the hosting asp net website is not cheap. Generally, it is more costly than the PHP. The most commonly used architecture for hosting websites is Linux and Windows. Being an open source coding, Linux is cheap and affordable, but Windows being a closed source the price is on the higher side. If the cost of developing asp is high then investing more in hosting asp net website should not be a burden. The cost of hosting asp net website ranges between $5 and $8. The cost factor is the most important issue.

additional information

The new merge tool for 3.5 makes the job far easier. With the help of this tool, webmaster can now integrate different functionalities available as assemblies. Assemblies are precompiled by nature, which means that just by incorporating this assembly, webmaster can use it without recompiling the assembly again and again. This tool is used by many service providers and it also makes it easy for hosting asp net website.

The new 3.5 also uses AJAX. The incorporation of this feature means that the time required for doing small functions is reduced significantly. The server can use this spare time for different important functions. This also reduces the web pages. Transfer rates increases significantly and all the updates are real-time updates. The user interface experience is also far better than the earlier version of If the developer uses this technology then the load on server is reduced and it makes the hosting asp net website quick.


Dedicated server should be preferred for hosting asp net website. This may cost more, but the benefits are many compare to other types of hosting, such as Virtual hosting and shared hosting. Virtual hosting service servers are shared by many users. As the name suggests, shared hosting is used by many clients. Dedicated hosting security is far better than the other two. Shared hosting is comparatively cheaper than other ones.

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