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How to get free domain With a Web Hosting Company


Finding web hosting for your web site is a very popular domain nowadays. Everyone wants to have their personal web page, their blog. Even more, all the companies have gone from mass media advertising to Internet advertising because it is cheaper and people tend to read the Internet more than any other mass media tool. Several companies have embraced the newest current, shopping online. This is a very controversial domain, most of the opinions being split: some people think that it will not work because the customer cannot touch and see the product in their hands while others think that it is a very good way to do your shopping because you don’t need to leave the house. But all these web pages have in common the need of a domain name with hosting on the web. Here are some simple steps to get a domain name with hosting.

Step 1

1. The first thing that you must do is open a browser window, type in the address bar and access it, and after it has loaded write down in the search bar “domain name with hosting”. This will give you access to a list of internet web hosting providing companies who will be challenging one each other in their offers. Remember that domain names do not always come with hosting.

Step 2

2. You will need to navigate through the pages that the search engine returned and I suggest that you read carefully all the information that they are giving. This includes services, prices, and other details that you may find sometimes insignificant.

Step 3

3. After a long navigation through these pages, you will have already built up a pack of companies that you may favor for any reason, maybe you even found several companies providing domain names with hosting in the same price. What you need to do right now is choose a company that suites you the most, remember that it needs to give domain names with hosting (not necessarily in the same price).

Step 4

4. The fourth step in getting a domain name with a web hosting company consists in contacting the company that you have chosen in the step before. Most likely you will receive a form which you will need to fill in with your personal data (such as name, given name, age, address, email address, phone number, gender, title, age, etc.), you will need to choose your type of contract (most companies have several types of hosting contracts that vary in the quantity or quality of the services provided). The last step will be of course the payment method (either by PayPal, credit card or debit card, although some companies will require for you to submit a bank payment proof).

Step 5

5. After you have completed all the above mentioned steps you will need to upload your files to the server (I’m talking about all the files in which your webpage consists) and enjoy the use of your new domain name.


Providing domain names with hosting has become a must.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/22/2012
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How to get free domain With a Web Hosting Company. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.