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What You Should Know About Web Hosting Uk


Web hosting UK was set up in the year 2001 with the registered office located in Leeds, UK. They started with the intention to provide and offer the highest quality services. Their aim was also to gain customer loyalty and provide customer satisfaction within the price range that was affordable by everyone.


Since establishment, web hosting UK has been working with devotion to grant its customers with easy and effective ways to make the most of web hosting services along with the supreme 24/7 quality technical support. Their services are supported and looked after by very knowledgeable and technical team. The technologies that are used by them are of premium quality. The people how are part of these teams include certified Microsoft professionals, Red Hat Linux and tech savvy experts. They do not rely on any one outside the company and have in house technicians and network managers. Their task is to carefully monitor all the technologies and make them workable in customer favor.


The employees at Webhosting UK are experts in their fields, with high qualifications and great experience. They make sure that they provide technical support to the customers so that long term relationship is formed. Their servers are located in World-class and the Blue Square Datacenter, web hosting UK which is looked after all the time so that there is no interruption between the connections, applications and all the websites work smoothly for web hosting UK.

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Now, the answer to the most important question that how within 12 years time duration, Web hosting uk managed to be the market leader? Their success lies in the fact that they made all the possible effort to gain the customer loyalty by providing the best quality services and maintained by consistency as well. They host their client’s website on their server which ensures stability, high speed and superior features. They also keep on updating and launch innovative solutions to make the customers more delighted and happy with the services.

They encourage the customer feedback and listens to the customer suggestions which help them improve the services in a much better way. Web hosting UK has the most unique feature that they let their clients and others to share ideas and discuss with each other on their community forum. This has led them convey the idea that the company is friendly and goes way out to serve their customers.

They are specialist’s web hosting company with the aim of providing supreme quality web hosting service. They support open software systems including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Mambo, OS Commerce, Mediawiki and phpBB etc.

Their popularity is evident from the award which it received from Web Host directory of being “#1 web hosting UK Reseller Provider”. It was also awarded and recognized by Dedicated Server Directory as “#1 Dedicated Server Hosting Provider”. Therefore, they don’t need anyone to appraise their market standing as the key to success is in their favor which is the customer support and loyalty. They are considered as the best and the customer oriented company for web hosting UK.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/22/2012
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