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Web Page Hosting in Canada Faqs


Web page hosting is a service is a kind of internet hosting with the help of which, a persons or any organization can make their own websites accessible via World Wide Web (www). Web hosting is the act of letting space and bandwidth through a company which helps the people to publish their web site online. Web hosts also have the ability to provide data center space and connectivity to the internet for different servers located in their data centers called colocation. Web hosting is the most important part of internet, and without it you can’t run your website. There is also a free hosting supported with pop ups and banners. But if you get the paid web hosting, this will gives you the complete control over your website contents. Single page hosting is sufficient for the personal web pages.


Web page hosting is commonly used everywhere in the world. There are many countries who are working prominently on web page hosting. Web page hosting Canada is also very common and is providing efficient services to their users. Web page hosting Canada is working brilliantly and is helping the people to allow them accessing their own websites. Most of the persons and companies have many questions to be asked from Web page hosting Canada. Some of these questions asked to the customer services and their answers are as follows:


• Some of the persons have a very common question in their mind that they are using windows XP and they can sign up for Web page hosting Canada or not? The answer from the customer care Web page hosting Canada is, if you are using windows XP, it doesn’t matter when you select a plan. Because most of the time the web server is transparent to the customer.

• Another FAQ to the Web page hosting Canada is, does LINUX supports ASP or .net pages? The answer is normally NO. Because they have found that running ASP pages on LINUX is very imperfect in its use. So they do not support any ASP and .NET on their windows pages.

• The most frequent asked question to Web page hosting Canada is what is the basic difference between windows a Linux? This is a very common question. Normally windows run on Pesky control panel whereas Linux runs on Panel.

• Most of the frequent questions are about the forms of money accepted by Web page hosting Canada. The Web page hosting Canada customers care services answers that they accept check, money orders, western union, PayPal and email money transfer also.

• Shared hosting planning has unlimited space and bandwidth? The answer of this question by Web page hosting Canada is “yes”, the space and bandwidth is really unlimited.


So these all questions are the top frequent asked questions. There are lot more questions to be asked by Web page hosting Canada on daily basis, and the service care members rapidly gives a response to them. So web hosting in Canada is growing day by day and public are getting countless beneficiaries from them.

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