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What To Look For in a Web Hosting Provider


When you are choosing a web host provider then you should keep some things in your mind. First step is Advertisement. Selecting a web host provider and commercial web hosting solution are both different things. The costs of providing your site the web space can be covered. There are some of the hosts who require banners on your pages. There are some other hosts who display a window every-time when you load your site. There are some other hosts who impose advertising frame on your site. No hard-and-fast rules are preferred. There are some people who dislike stuff banner codes or hate a pop-up window on their screens. Advertising frame is also irritating for some of the people. You should be comfortable with the method, whatever you choose.


The next point that should be considered is amount of web space. There should be enough space for your needs. There are certain sites which use minimum 5MB of space. You can have 150 pages on one site if you want 5MB space. It depends on the pictures of your page that how much space it will require. The needs vary person to person as you can add sound files as well as video clips.


To choose a web provider hosting, the web hosting providers allow you to build the page with the online builder. This thing is useful for only beginners. FTP access is really considered to be a good option. You can upload the pages through an email or browser. You can say that FTP access is mandatory. To choose a web provider hosting, file type and size limitations are also considered. The files which you upload have maximum size when they imposed on free hosts. The file types are sometimes restricted to HTML and GIF/ JPG. You will need another option, if you want to distribute your own programs on your pages.

Tips and comments

To choose a web provider hosting, reliability and speed of access is seen. It is considered to be very important factor for selecting the web hosting provider. If your site is down frequently then you may lose lots of visitors. If somebody selects your web site and he finds that your site is down, then he will go for another option leaving your site. He will not try to open that site again. If the access of your website is slow, then the number of your visitors also decreases. It is very frustrating for the visitors as well as for you too. To choose a web provider hosting, bandwidth allotment is also necessary. There are some web hosts which impose the limitation on the websites that what will be the traffic amount. Your website can use what count of traffic amount per day or per month. Your web host will be disabled if the number of count exceeds the limit. It is very difficult to specify the amount of bandwidth as your mileage vary. Disk space is also considered to be a problem in this case.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/22/2012
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