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If the Internet hosting services want to refer to a virtual machine then they use a term which is known as Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is also known as Vps hosting. Either the virtual machine is running in software on the same physical computer just like the other virtual machines are running on that physical computer, but it would be considered to be a separate physical computer. That is why they are considered to be virtual. The functionality of one virtual machine is also separate to the other virtual machines. This service is dedicated to the needs of individual customers. That virtual machine has the separate computer’s privacy. That virtual machine would be configured to run server software as server computer. There is also a term used which is known as “Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS”. The concepts of Vps hosting and Virtual Dedicated Server are almost same. In VDS, the servers do not use the shared RAM by using either individual CPU cores or multiple machines.


Vps hosting is considered to be dynamic. You can change the hosting even at run time. Vps hosting is also referred to as a server which are on cloud. You can add additional hardware resources at run time. These hardware resources can be CPU or RAM etc. While the server is running, you can move the server to hardware at anytime you want.


As an extension to the web hosting services there are many companies who offer the services like Virtual Private Server hosting and virtual dedicated server hosting. When you license the proprietary software in the virtual environment of multi-tenant, then there are many challenges that you have to consider or face. The customers can manage and administrate their servers on their own.

Shared web hosting services and dedicated hosting services are bridged by using Vps Hosting. You are independent of other customers of Virtual Private Servers Hosting. Virtual Private Servers has the copy of operating system on its own. The customers can access to the operating system at super user level. The customers can install any software in Vps hosting that can run on the operating system of Vps. The Vps hosting is in-metered. The bandwidth line is fixed as there is no limit in transferring the data. They offer the in-metered hosting with 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s or 1000 Mbit/s. They may exceed the 10Gbit/s. The disk space, RAM and processor time is limited in Vps hosting.

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