Php Web Hosting Faqs
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Php Web Hosting Faqs

Published at 03/27/2012 11:37:40


Php Web Hosting Faqs

Hosting a website is easy for them who know the proper procedure. If someone is new to the web hosting service it becomes quiet an uphill task. The main question here is do webmasters need web hosting service. The answer is simple and straightforward, which is yes. It is required to host the website on a web server so that it can be viewed by the user through the World Wide Web. PHP web hosting is one of the commonly used mechanisms. You can easily find many PHP website, which is done with the help of PHP web hosting. PHP web hosting uses the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) technology. Below we are going to discuss about the 5 important facts about PHP web hosting.


The need of disk space is an important aspect of PHP web hosting. The space is required to host the particular website. Since, all website doest require same space, different webpage requires different space, so it should be chosen accordingly. Bandwidth is also an integral part of PHP web hosting. It is used for the transferring of data from one server to another. A good PHP web hosting company should provide appropriate bandwidth, so that it doesn’t run out of bandwidth. Some company charges extra for bandwidth and space and some provide nominal amount.


SSL certificate is provided by many PHP web hosting companies, but for professional website it is strongly recommended to purchase a certificate. In using a professional certificate, user can see message about entering or exiting the secure webpage. You may have also seen this kind of warning and even Google uses a third-party certificate for the benefits of the user. PHP is a scripting language, which is integrated in the HTML code. As many hackers have utilized this mechanism to hack to the website. Security is in integral part of web hosting and shouldn’t be ignored.

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Important functionalities must be supported by the web hosting company. Functions such as the Jpg files, java and java applets files, WAP MIME and PHPlib. These functionalities add a new dimension to the website. The main purpose of the website is targeted for the audience and to keep them busy on the site. These functionalities help webmaster to achieve this.

If the visitors want to create an account on the website there should be a provision for that. Several PHP web hosting companies provides this service with the help of and Some web hosting company charges extra for this kind of service, the webmaster should choose that service where it is free of cost and no installation cost is required. Another important thing to point out is that several websites doesn’t support the download and file transfer functionality. This is done because to avoid burdening the server. If this provision is available then there are few restrictions, which user needs to follow.


CURL support should be present as it is very necessary. phpMyAdmin is used for managing database and it must be provided too. For any kind of PHP setting, open the PHP.ini file which is present under the default cgi-bin directory. Web hosting company must also provide mechanism to accept money on the website as many website is mainly developed for doing business.