Dedicated Server Web Hosting Faqs
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Dedicated Server Web Hosting Faqs

Published at 03/29/2012 18:37:07


Dedicated Server Web Hosting Faqs

Dedicated web server hosting is when a client rents a web server which is not shared with anyone. It is used for running websites. It is considered to be more flexible than shared hosting because the organization has choice over the hardware and operating server they use. It offers less investment and more returns. Price and availability depends on which operating systems are being offered in the dedicated web server hosting plans.


After the NSF decided to remove the restrictions on commercial web access in 1991 a lot of e-commerce companies came into being and a future in dedicated web server hosting was envisioned by them. Website hosting, with technology development has become cheaper and much less complex than when it initially started. It started with large firms leasing out surplus space on their servers and has now become big industry in itself. There are a lot of businesses that offer web hosting services. Technology is advancing with leaps and bounds it is evolving the web and computers and our lives. With all the new improvements there are changes to the way the business of website hosting is marketed to the clients.


Some of the most frequently asked questions while choosing your dedicated web server hosting are, whether to choose Linux or windows? This question can only be answered by which applications you need to work on your website if you need to use ASP, VBScript, Windows Media, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and don’t want to learn Linux then go for a windows edition of web hosting. Users’ of Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl programming languages should go for a Linux platform. Another question is how do host providers provide cheap plans with ultimate bandwidth? The answer to this is that most host providers know that not all the bandwidth will be used and so they just circulate it. If you want to reduce the bandwidth on your site then you can just optimize your graphics, clear out your html code make it neater. Another question is whether you need a dedicated IP address to your site? The answer to this is that it is not mandatory but having a dedicated address will give you benefits like installing your own SSL certificate, moreover without an IP address of your own if your neighbor gets banned for some reason you too may get banned. Another common question is if one should be worried if the host provider is a reseller? The answer to this is probably not most resellers can provide cheaper rates than the actual providers but sometimes they don’t cater to your needs fully because they don’t have the technicians to configure their own servers.

Tips and comments

Some of the comments on having dedicated web server hosting is that you have more control over your server etc. No one but you can slow down performance. The speed will be higher for people visiting your site because they won’t have to queue for viewing information and images. You don’t have any bandwidth penalty unlike with shared hosting in dedicated web server hosting.