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Hosting in a Window Environment

Published at 04/02/2012 13:30:29


For hosting services, windows have always been preferred. Their various features, plans and bonus offerings have attracted a large mass. The technical support provided, is just excellent and satisfies the clients in terms of reliability as well as affordability. The hosting window services as maintained by the windows operating system have always been an important component of web hosting services. The proper Windows infrastructure, the tools for management and the technologies for virtualization have always maintained the standard of quality.

The servers:

The hosting window platform has seen its improvement substantially due to the improvements in IIS. IIS is a version of the windows server. The 7.0 version gives the freedom of controlling all the components that have been installed, gives plenty of option to choose from. Thus the end user of the system is given much more security and a quicker performance rate. With the help of such a server, the required applications on the web can be much more efficiently run on the system. A major improvement of developing a better quality interface has lead people to get the advantage of accessing the server to its core. A lot of customization options have also been included. A different kind of technology called virtualization came along with the Window server in 2008. It is different from other technologies as there are options to add physical and logical resources together with the server.

Useful details:

The administrators of the system have been given the facility to deal with hard drives, the memory space and processors as and when they want. All these can be done without hampering the system performance or creating any interruption. In hosting window environment there may arise situation when the applications that had been installed may need to get restored. The restorable version of Domain Services helped to increase the reliability of the system. Security options in hosting window environment have been greatly increased due to the improvements seen by the Window server, version 2008. A program has been developed to execute encryption. This encryption provided a lot of security options. This encryption program was known as BitLocker. A new improved version of the firewall has helped to block any virus intrusion or any malware. Hence the hosting window environment has become a suitable platform in the recent days.


The hosting facilities as provided by the different servers nowadays are good to use but a good host to find may also be quite challenging. There may be a lot of reasons behind this. First would be that, the previously used version are still now being continued with and they are needed to be updated as soon as possible. With the older versions it becomes difficult to stay on. The very important thing that has to be kept in mind that once anyone or any organization is linked to any server, it will be easier for them to identify and make a comparison among the number of hosts. This will help in choosing the best Window package as well as choosing the most beneficial one.