Internet Hosting

Choosing the Right Hosting Solution

Published at 04/02/2012 13:24:37


Hosting solution is a service offered by various companies and internet service providers to their clients. It normally refers to a server where a client can store his/her data. This is most commonly used by companies requiring setting up websites. These companies create their websites over the World Wide Web. However they need a permanent place to hold their data. This is where a hosting solution comes in. In such a scenario the client buys or rents a server or servers depending upon the amount of data to be stored. This server holds all the information pertaining to that particular client's website. The server itself is managed by the server owner itself. Sometimes however special dispensation may be given in which case the client renting the server administers the servers himself. Many companies offer this hosting free of cost, albeit paid off by various advertisements on that particular website. However in case of bigger organizations the cost of storing data and maintaining servers are huge. This is because bigger organizations often require permanent servers and access to these servers throughout the day and night. Hosting however doesn't only limit itself to web pages. Normal small sized files can also be stored. This is done through FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

Reliability and maintenance

Reliability and maintenance becomes a key component when offering a hosting solution. Big companies and organizations require access to their data twenty four hours a day. As such there is no room for complacency, especially in case of big corporations who pay top money for these kinds of services. Thus the servers of these organizations cannot be down for even a minute. If that happens then countless amounts of valuable data could be lost as well as business clients. Hence big companies are very stringent when it comes to choosing the right kind web hosting. However even the most reliable of servers must be shut down for maintenance at some point. In such a situation the company either shifts the entire load on a totally different but temporary server, or it provides users accessing their websites with a notice of the maintenance situation.

Types of hosting

There are several different types of hosting. Depending on ones need however one chooses the type of hosting solution one wants. They are free hosting service, where the service offered is limited but free. Shared hosting service, here several companies share the same server. Reseller Web Hosting, where the user gains temporary hosting privileges. Dedicated hosting service, here the user gains permanent control of the server, however he/she doesn't become the owner of the server, cloud hosting, grid hosting, clustered hosting and many more.

How to obtain hosting?

A client can choose his/her hosting solution once he/she has a clear idea about his/her requirements. A lot of providers offer hosting services for free. These generally require clients to put up advertisements on their websites. A user first needs to choose his requirement as per the software and scripts available to him. Most of the hosting offered by service providers is Linux based. However apart from hosting rights and privileges the client also gains access to email facilities. He/she is also offered various web management systems by the service providers himself. This is however normally found in paid permanent servers only. Many companies offer hosting like,,