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Virtual domain hosting is a very important service in the world of computers and business. A lot of talking is going on about getting virtual servers for business purposes. The concept of virtual server is very simple. Using a virtual hosting server, a person or an enterprise can host multiple domains on a single server. With virtual website hosting, the domains can also share the many resources which are seen as an advantage of virtual hosting. A business can also make a lot of savings with the help of a virtual hosting server. There are many things to learn about virtual hosting services and to make the most out of it is not that easy as it might sound.

There are mainly two types of virtual hosting servers. The first one is name based virtual hosting server and the second one is IP based virtual hosting server. Name based virtual hosting servers use different host names for the same IP address. This can save the pain of buying multiple IP addresses for the company. However, name based virtual hosting services are not problem free. It is quite a tedious task when it comes to hosting more than one website which is running a secure protocol like SSL. In addition to this, if the DNS is not properly configured or is malfunctioning, it will become difficult to access the website.


The second type of virtual hosting server, IP based virtual hosting, is where the single web server is configured with multiple IP addresses to host multiple websites. This is known to be a more user friendly approach of virtual hosting. Given this advantage, more money has to be spent on buying new IP addresses every time a new domain is to be hosted.

There are many website hosting service providers available across the globe. These companies make use of virtual hosting server platforms so that they can provide low cost service to the customers. There are also companies which make use of virtual hosting server technology for hosting different websites internally. There are many advantages provided by this technology compared to the traditional method of website hosting. One advantage everyone is sure to notice is the low costs involved in setting it up and the ease in operation. The services offered by virtual hosting are equally efficient as that of dedicated hosting services. So this is a method of saving money with no loss to reliability and functionality.

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Many people doubt about the security of virtual website hosting, but it is as secure as any other type of website hosting. There are many levels of security offered to these virtual hosting servers. Security is provided to administrative tools and configuration fields so that no unauthorized changes can be made. Like any other hosting service, virtual server hosting also supports security protocols such as SSL. It is a fact that virtual website hosting is not very easy and requires more effort to maintain the hosting service than normal. However, this service has already proven its value in the business world and many more business solutions are planning to move to virtual servers. There are many developments to be expected related to virtual servers in the future.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 04/05/2012
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