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About Virtual Hosting And Web Servers

Published at 04/06/2012 18:28:58


Before going into the detailed interpretation of the phrase, i.e. hosting virtual web, you need to be aware of the literal meaning and precise definition of the term. In this regard, two terms need separate analysis and include virtual hosting and web servers. The web servers have two applied meanings, i.e. they can not only be associated with software programs but, at the same time, the hardware devices involved in the whole process of website or domain hosting. Hardware is most often used with reference to the physical part or body of your personal computer while any PC application is called a software program. The terms “virtual hosting” or “hosting virtual web” are generally considered and used as interchangeable as well as synonymous with each other. The instant and round the clock delivery and the accessibility of data or website content via the internet is ensured and subsequently enhanced by the modern web servers. Anyhow, the primary utility of the web servers is focused on the hosting of various websites. Moreover, these servers do serve the purposes of executing the application of enterprises, storing all kinds of data, and even facilitating gaming activities.


The very procedure through which a number of domain names are hosted simultaneously is termed as hosting virtual web. Anyhow, these various domain names do not get mixed with one another and each of the names is handled separately. The process of hosting virtual web is carried out with the help of only one server, but, at times, you can also find a smaller or larger pool of more than one server.


In particular cases of hosting virtual web, if there is more than one server involved, it enables the mutual sharing of the given resources of the individual servers. These resources include the cycles of processors and memory. The mutual relation and association of hosting virtual web and the web servers is intimate while one of them being used in reference to the other.

Tips and comments

Anyhow, hosting virtual web is not strictly limited or confined to the web servers only; it also has wider application in various services provided by the internet. In this regard, the joint sharing of web is one of the most prominent applications. Because of this very characteristic of hosting virtual web, you can save a lot of your hard earned money. By this method, a multitude of visitors is facilitated through only one server which is usually not possible in case of individual and isolated servers. Hosting virtual web mechanisms are of two major kinds; one of these being the name based while the other as IP based. In case of name based virtual web hosting, as the very name suggests, a single IP address is given many different names. While, on the other hand, if you are using IP based kind of hosting virtual web, any specific IP address is associated with a particular website.

Flourishing and expanding national or international organizations and various companies make extensive and frequent use of the hosting virtual web facility addressing to their greater demand and attracted by its comparatively decreased expenditures or cost efficiency as you may call it.