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How to train for jobs in finance accounting

How to train for jobs in finance accounting

The noble career of jobs finance accounting is and has always been in demand. Accountants are trusted with money, hence the esteem associated with jobs finance accounting. However, with competition slowly tightening its noose on the accountant’s neck, one needs to get the correct amount of training in order to stand out from the fast growing crowd to get jobs finance accounting. It is not enough to go to university and get a degree where you later specialise in finance and accounting. There has to be an extra feather in your cap for you to more noticeable in the area of jobs finace accounting.

Step 1

First off, you must enrol for a business degree as accounting falls in this area. Under the school of business in your university of choice, see whether they offer accounting as a degree program on its own, or as a minor or concentration within a business degree. Once you have this in place, enrol for the classes that will get you trained in accounting finance which will land you jobs finance accounting.

Step 2

Secondly once the degree programme is completed, you have made a very big leap towards jobs finance accounting. A little experience maybe in jobs finance accounting, is all you need. It would be wise to take up an internship program in a respectable organisation in the accounting/finance department. This way you will apply all the knowledge you have amassed during your year of study and get a practical feel of what is like to be an accountant. If you do get jobs finace accounting it would also be nice, just as long as you get to practice your accounting in a real organization for a period of at least six months.

Step 3

Third step involves furthering your training. Some countries prefer the CPA over the ACCA. Depending on your area or choice of qualification body, enrol for the first level of these qualifications. Do it until completion and depending on your ability, pick the subsequent ones as you go along. It will be a big plus, especially because you have already earned your degree in finance and now, you are working towards becoming a chartered accountant.

Step 4

After jumping the two great hurdles of getting the finance and accounting degree and getting say a CPA from part one to six, you have accomplished a great task in your career. With experience spanning some 6 years, the next level is to join a professional body of financial accountants. Better yet, an international one, like ICPAK.  A professional membership will pretty much give an airtight seal to your qualifications at this point in time. The advantage of joining such a body is the networking opportunities it will accord you with like minded professionals. You will be able to attend functions, training sessions like seminars and short courses and increase your list of certificates. This will higher the chance of getiing jobs finance accounting.


In conclusion, the basic steps are summarised as such. Get the requisite degree, sit for your CPAS or ACCA and follow it up with joining a professional body of accountants, preferably international. This way, you will get systematic and incremental training as a financial accountant without straining too much. Jobs finance accounting can be really fincially rewarding for those who have a passion in this field.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 01/16/2012
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