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Tips And Ideas For Jobs Office Admin

Published at 03/06/2012 23:47:56


Jobs office admin represent a range of positions. Executive assistants, dental office managers, and database administrative assistants all perform support-related roles. Companies seek the best office administrative people to represent the company image. 

Step 1

Understand the specific jobs office admin for your own benefit. Before a you can perform a job, you must know the duties and expectations of the role. Otherwise, you may end up not performing the job correctly. Be proactive and take the time to review your job description. If you are unclear about the description, meet with your supervisor for clarification. For example, the job duties for a medical secretary differs from those of an executive receptionist. When additional duties are added to your job desciption, make sure that you learn those duties, too. 

Step 2

Know how to screen telephone calls for your boss. As part of jobs office admin, you need to know how to work the telephones. Many business owners and company executives give the duty of screening telephone calls to their administrative support. If you do not perform this duty well, you face getting into trouble with your boss. Make sure you know the most important people contacting your boss. Ask your boss for the list and keep it near your desk. These people may include family members, fellow executives and special clients. 

Step 3

Make sure that you dress for jobs office admin and keep your boss happy. For some companies, the way a person dresses reflects on the person and the company overall. You do not need to overspend on your work clothes and accessories. You can purchase a set of core clothes. Core clothes include dark-colored pants, blazers and shirts. Match the clothes with quality accessories, such as shoes. Some department stores hold clearance sales where you can obtain designer clothes as a discount and stick with your budget. 

Step 4

Remain courteous at all times when performing under jobs office admin. the role of an administrative person can be stressful and filled with activity. You stay must be nice. This is critical if you want to maintain a job working with executives and clients. Every day will interact with people via the telephone, web cams and in-person. Some of these people may not be pleasant. However, you must remain pleasant to them. Your administrative role represents the company image as well as your boss. Remember, you never know with whom you are dealing. Being nice counts in any jobs office admin environment. 

Step 5

Be prepared when you apply for any jobs office admin. The role of the administative professional can be complex and require certain skills. Companies seek applicants who have strong communication skills, typing capabilities and organizational knowledge. Prepare for the role by completing training and make yourself stand out from other applicants. There are low-costs ways to get training for jobs office admin. You can enroll in community courses or a trade school. Make sure the training program can help you gain employment after graduation. 


Keep up with software skills for jobs office admin. The computer industry undergoes rapid changes and it can be difficult to keep up. You do not want your skills to become limited. 

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