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Discover 8 Tips For Office Admin Jobs

Published at 03/22/2012 00:31:55


Several reports have included office admin jobs among some of the most stressful jobs in the world. One reason why office admin jobs are considered stressful is because administrative assistants often find themselves coming up against conflicting feedback from the people they deal with on a daily basis. On the one hand, they are expected to know almost as much about their business or their industry as their boss or bosses. However, they also deal with people who have the unfortunate habit of treating them like they are just a secretary. This means that they are frequently expected to act as gatekeepers for their bosses, yet they don't have the final say in major decisions even when they are expected to act on their boss's behalf.

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Those with office admin jobs are expected to be able to handle a variety of situations well, so a solid educational foundation is very important. If the administrative assistant supports senior-level executives, the assistant will be in regular contact with senior executives of other companies, so it is vital that administrative assistants know how to handle themselves well in those situations.  Education for employees with office admin jobs should include formal education, which means having a college degree or college level real-life experience and their education should also include keeping up with their computer skills.

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Employees who hold office admin jobs are also expected to keep up with current events because maintaining good relations with clients and business associates of their bosses may be a part of their daily functions. The more administrative assistants know about the world, the better they are equipped to relate to the the people they meet on a daily basis. Sometimes establishing good relationships with others is a simple matter of being able to hold informal conversations with them because these conversations serve as icebreakers.

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Candidates for office admin jobs should become familiar with a variety of office equipment because they may become the go to person if ever there are any problems in the office with the printer, the photocopier or the fax machine, etc.  if they could fix minor problems themselves then they can save themselves and their bosses time by not having to wait for tech support to assist them. Also, as the administrative assistant they may be required to put together reports that require using this office equipment before after office hours. The more they know about the office equipment, the less helpless they will be if something goes wrong with the equipment outside of normal business hours.

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Office admin jobs are stressful, so administrative assistants should make taking care of themselves an important part of doing their job well. This means taking the time to exercise on a regular basis and also taking short breaks during the day, as needed. Even if they have a demanding job where they are expected to be available almost 24/7, they should set aside time to decompress. De-stressing can be as simple as taking a few minutes to do some breathing exercises throughout the day.

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Holders of office admin jobs are expected to be very organized because they are not only expected to take care of their job functions, but also ensured their bosses lives run as smoothly as possible. if being organized is not come easy, and administrative assistants should find how to get organized courses to help them.

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Office admin jobs may also include light bookkeeping duties, so administrative assistants who lack this type of experience should  take introductory courses to help them become more familiar with basic bookkeeping and accounting.

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Another function of office admin jobs maybe the ability to handle computer graphics programs for presentations. Graphics programs are at a step beyond PowerPoint, so being proficient with both types of software can be make administrative assistants even more invaluable to their bosses.

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The ability to type fast is also a big component of office admin jobs, so administrative assistants should make sure they keep their typing speed up even if they have long periods where they don't have to type much.


  • To get the best out of office admin jobs, uses much of your downtime as possible to train yourself with online classes and programs. 

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