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How to become a comissioned jobs officer

Published at 01/14/2012 10:34:04

Being a commissioned officer

An individual is known to be an officer if he is commissioned with an army most commonly or any uniformed job related to state or central government while holding an authority. Commissioned jobs officers are considered to be the officers having a specific skill set to act as a leader or a commanding officer. Commanding jobs officer found more relevance when used related to leading a military unit. Commissioned officers are the job officers who generally get their authority required in their field by their sovereign power.

Commissioned officers are considered to be trained with management and leadership fundamentals in general.  Like any other competitive field in today’s world, jobs officers need to be holding a relevant degree fulfilling the minimum pre-requisite criteria. Some of the military battalions are also seen asking for some specific degrees from specific universities from the commissioned job officers aspirants.

Step 1

Origin of jobs officer is different in different countries

Commissioned jobs officers are having different nomenclatures among different armed forces in different parts of the world. Jobs officers in United Kingdom are commissioned directly into the rank of armed officers. Jobs officers are also commissioned from junior ranks and known to be called as Direct Entry in United Kingdom.

Step 2

Specifics of job officers

In United States also, jobs officers are commissioned after attaining a specific university degree but their jobs officers are also seen getting commissioned under some special exceptions. But, the job officers commissioned with above exceptions are required to attain a degree before getting promoted as Captain or Lieutenant. Generally, such kind of jobs officer is observed to in a proportion of less than 2% of the complete set of jobs officers.

Knowing officers better

To become a commissioned jobs officer in armed forces, an individual is required to attain a minimum bachelor’s degree. But, this bachelor’s degree may vary from medical field to engineering background or some other bachelor’s degree purely depending upon the job officer’s profile requirements.

Some of the common examples of commissioned officers fields are as-

  • Jobs officers in the field of aviation- This field of job officers need a trained pilot who may take on the challenge of flying aircrafts and also conduct training of new jobs officers aspirants. The jobs officers are required to possess a valid flying license.
  • Jobs officers in the field of aeronautics, space, missiles- Jobs officers related to this field are supposed to be dealing with the space as a field.
  • Jobs officers in the field of intelligence as secret agents- Mostly, jobs officers of this field are observed accumulating the secret information which is relevant for the country’s defense and at the same time performing jobs officers so as to maintain the confidentiality of their own country’s information.
  • Jobs officers supporting the field of logistics- Jobs officers of this field seem to be master in transferring arms and ammunition form one base camp to another during the time of war or no war.
  • Jobs in the field of medical science
  • Jobs in the field of handling the manpower

During various time to time occasions, applications are sought by different ministries of the country to start recruiting individuals to serve for the country as commissioned jobs officers.


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