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How to find jobs at home in the weekend

Published at 01/12/2012 19:25:54

How to find a job at home in the weekend

We are all looking to make a little extra cash, most of the time, if not, all the time. This especially applies to the young or unemployed with no steady source of income. These include college students, high school goers and young adults just out of college and are seeking employment. Many of the people in this age demography like to party in the weekend, however, they can actually turn this time into an opportunity for making money. There are various things you can do and actually get paid for in the weekend. A few simple steps may land you in the right direction:

Step 1

Identify your skill set:
This may seem all too obvious since all job seekers are required to highlight this in their resume. In this case, we are talking skills that may not even be professional. Some could have been acquired informally or are talents and hobbies that could land you a paying job. For instance, you are good with children, why not babysit for your neighbour this weekend and get paid for it? Or offer to coach a child in playing an instrument, say, if you can play one yourself.

Step 2

Draft a catchy resume:
Yes, I know! You may think a weekend job does not need this. Take time and write an attention grabbing but concise resume that highlights the skills you identified above. This way, your employer will not only capture all he/she needs to about you in the shortest time, but you will have sold yourself better.

Step 3

Create a job for yourself:
Instead of looking for someone to work for in the weekend, why not work for yourself? An example of work you can do is for example bake cakes in the weekend for parties. Additionally, you can sing or dance for a local club and get paid or even emcee events. This way, you work within your own time lines and can schedule the most convenient weekends to work. The greatest benefit is that you bag all the cash.

Pick a job that hires mostly on weekends:

There are some jobs that mostly hire in the weekends but are scarce during the week. The best part about these jobs is that they do not require too much skill or specialisation. Dog walking for example, weeding a garden or mowing a lawn. These are jobs that are done regularly, say, once a week, but with most professionals at work during the week, they do these over the weekend. This is where you come in, render your services and cash in! Your potential employers are of course just a stone throw away, your neighbours. Maybe you know of your ailing neighbour whose garden needs tending, or the senile man down the street whose lawn needs mowing. Similarly, you can start with your parents’ circle of friends. They may need an extra hand in cleaning, baby sitting or walking their dogs.
Last but not least, we conclude by saying, keep in touch with your weekend employers, especially if they are one off employers. This way you can ask them if there is work for you to do during a dry spell when you get few weekend jobs.


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