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How to find weekend jobs in london

Published at 03/14/2012 06:08:27


Weekend jobs are known to provide extra cash. This mainly applies to college students who want to get extra money for their pockets and London weekend jobs will be the best option they can go for. Finding a job in London can be a problematic task if you don't know how to attack it. It would be much easier to you if you know the right ways you can find the London weekend jobs. Make sure you gather all the prerequisite information with you while hunting for the job. Research is a very important process in finding London weekend jobs. Below are ways in which you can find these types of jobs at ease.

Step 1

You can pay a visit to London's occupation support hub and job banks that are provided to locals within the city. In these support centers people are always willing to help you find London weekend jobs. This will be a good start to your job search as you will get the best guidance and course on how to get the London weekend jobs. Here you are assured to get a job that suits your skills. you will also get advantages and disadvantages of the jobs available for you.

Step 2

It is also very possible that you find London weekend jobs by visiting recruitment offices in London such as Kelly services, manpower, apple and many others within the city of London. These recruitment offices will be able to assess your skills and even allow you to test your work skills. They will help you find a suitable London weekend jobs that will suit your skills. The experience you will show them will determine what job they will offer you.

Step 3

Newspapers and magazines are another good source of finding London weekend jobs. Research through London newspapers in the classified section and you are likely to find London jobs that you can do on weekends. Here you will be able to get descriptions of the available London weekend jobs and what qualities are needed for the job. Examples of these newspapers are. the London times, Daily Telegraph and the guardian newspaper which offer a section of employment and London weekend jobs.

Step 4

Apart from these sources, you can also get London weekend jobs through the Internet. Most industries will put up job adverts online. Online advertisements have become a popular way especially in the business sector. A variety of available jobs in London will be available and you are surely going to find London weekend jobs here. You should also post your resume online and make research on the kind of job you want.

Step 5

You can also rely on friends and contacts that you may have in London. By doing this, you will possibly get some important information on how to get London weekend jobs. You might not get the quality information you need but this might prove to be the best option.


With the above information on how to find London weekend jobs, then you will surely get one.


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