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How to apply for a job at a car lot


Applying for a job at a car lot is similar to applying for any other job. You will need to highlight your skills that are suited for a job you are applying for. For those wishing for a job at a car lot, you should be sure that you are familiar with the type of work that you will be required to do. This type of job is often well suited to someone who is out going and able to talk to many different people easily. To be successful in this field, you will need strong sales skills. You will often have to help a person make up their mind on whether or not to actually buy a car. Customers often need a little help to be able to say yes even when they may really want to.

Step 1

  • Work on updating your resume to highlight experience that you have in working on a car lot if any. When looking for a job in this field, experience is of course helpful. Though you may still be able to get hired if you have strong sales skills. If you worked in sales in a field other than cars, discuss this. When making your cover letter be sure to indicate why you are a good fit for the job.

Step 2

  • Check classified ads, Craigslist and other Internet job sites in order to find openings for a job on a car lots. Apply online to any that you are able to. Some may have applications online, while others will allow you to send an email to show interest.

Step 3

  • Some jobs that you find may require you to come in to apply for a job. For those types of ads there will usually be a designated time to show up at the car lot or a telephone number to call for an appointment. Call for an appointment in order to apply and interview for the position. Read each ad carefully and make sure to follow directions.

Step 4

  • During your interview, do not be shy to discuss your successes. When you are looking for a job in sales, there is a lot of competition. You want to make yourself stand out as the best person for the job. Be professional and polite. Dress professionally as well. Remember that the you are going for a job in sales, do your best sales work by selling yourself. Make your interviewer truly believe that you are best suited to sell those cars. 

Step 5

  • If given an opportunity to show off your sales skills on the showroom floor, do your best to sell each customer. While car sales can and is often difficult, your employer will be looking for evidence that you have great skills for a job that you intend to do.


During interviews, focus on your strengths.

Be honest with your answers. Interviewers can usually tell when you are just saying what you think they want to hear.

The competition for a job on a car lot can be fierce. It is important to get noticed and to shine in order to be chosen.

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