How To Search For Jobs New York
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How To Search For Jobs New York

Published at 02/02/2012 00:38:00

How to find a job in New York

How To Search For Jobs New York

Like most people in today's economy, you may find yourself in need of a job. Looking for a job can be a daunting task. It takes diligence, determination, dedication and knowing what type of skills you have to offer the potential company. If you live in New York, there are many places to find employment, as New York is the largest city in America. But let's go over some ways to search for jobs New York. Before we get started on searching for jobs New York, you first need to tidy up your resume. Make sure it has updated contact information, the last ten years of employment with the names and addresses of companies and your duties performed, your educational background, your skills and a list of at least three references on hand.

Once you have your resume updated, then you are ready to start searching for jobs New York.

First, you can go online to the various job sites like Monster and HotJobs and search New York and the type of employment you seek, and it will bring up a number of results. This is the new way to look for a job thanks to the Internet and all it's possibilities. Don't forget One of the largest ad sites around. Search for New York, then the type of job you're looking for and you're in business. Secondly, is the old fashion way of looking up jobs in the classified ads. Although, it's old fashion it still is one of the best ways to find local jobs New York. Unlike Craigslist and the other online sites, you won't run into a lot of scams.

A third way to search for jobs in New York is by doing some foot work and applying in person where you see "Job Wanted" signs posted or just inquiring by walking into the business. If you don't or cannot walk around a lot or drive around to apply in person, you can always get on the phone and call local businesses to see if they are hiring. Contacting the human resource department is the best way to go. The next way is by word of mouth, ask friends, relatives and associates if they know of anyone who is currently hiring. If you have a Facebook account, you can make a post at one time to all your friends on Facebook that way you won't have to call or text each person but just "blast" it at one time.

Using Facebook is another good idea if you don't currently live in New York but are looking for a job in that area. If you have friends that live in New York or your friends have friends that live in New York, a Facebook post can go a long way. You're bound to get information about some company hiring using your Facebook account. Searching for jobs New York is just like searching for a job almost anywhere, it takes effort, a professional looking resume and knowing what type of job you are seeking.









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