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Discover 8 Tips For Beach Jobs

Published at 05/11/2012 19:19:09


There are a number of beach jobs available in the lucrative beaches of the world. Whether you are looking for part time, student jobs, teen jobs or summer jobs, beaches all over the world can turn your dreams into reality. Some of these beach jobs include lifeguards, hotel attendants, babysitting jobs, cruise ship jobs, tour guiding, beach attendants and travel guides. At the height of the peak seasons, there are many vacancies available to qualified and semi-qualified individuals in the beach and hospitality industry. For job seekers keen to secure employment in the beach industry, there are several tips that can help them in their endeavors.

Step 1

Getting the right information on the best available beach jobs is a sure way to guarantee employment in the beach industry. The internet is a useful tool in finding information about available beach jobs. Credible websites such as the ‘Cruise Job Finder’ and ‘Beach Treasure Hunts’ routinely post available beach jobs in their websites. Beach job hunters can easily find jobs that fit their expectations in such sites.

Step 2

Gathering information from local libraries is also another great way to secure lucrative beach jobs. The information desk, the directory and the yellow pages available in most libraries are a rich source of information regarding the available beach jobs. Many libraries also have computers and internet access that enable job seekers to supplement their searches.

Step 3

Social networking sites offer valuable information about available beach jobs and their job descriptions. Platforms such as facebook, twitter and my space present beach job seekers with an interactive forum where they can share their ideas and experiences concerning the various beach jobs. Job seekers therefore gain useful insights about the available beach jobs and are able to interact with other likeminded job seekers.

Step 4

Experience in the relevant field of study coupled with the right skills easily help a potential aspirant in securing a beach job. Volunteering and internships help the applicant to gain the relevant experience in beach jobs. Applicants should strive to ensure that their skills and abilities match those of the available position. If aspiring for a lifeguard job in the beach, you need to enroll for a lifeguard course and get the necessary certification, which improves the prospects of landing the job.

Step 5

Not all beach jobs require extensive academic qualifications. Resorts and other establishments in the beach industry offer various jobs that require minimum skills. Those with minimum professional qualifications can look for beach jobs such as dishwashing, cleaners and housekeepers that are less technical. Get a newspapers advertisement section and look for some jobs that require minimal experience to get a dream beach job.

Step 6

Liaison with the relevant authorities is also important when looking for beach jobs. A potential job seeker needs to gather information regarding the available opportunities through inquiring from the local or county beach stations available throughout the country.

Step 7

Many beach visitors usually take along their children in the beaches. It can therefore be easy to find summer beach jobs in childcare and child welfare in kid’s summer camps. This is particularly lucrative for people who have some educational background in teaching or early childhood studies. It can prove to be a very exciting experience.

Step 8

Applying for various positions in beach resorts and hotels increases the chances of absorption in the beach industry. Competent job seekers need to send their resumes and testimonials to various beach establishments in order to improve their chances of finding lucrative and well paying beach jobs. They have to take consideration of the many available options.


  • Searching the internet for available slots
  • Visiting local libraries to get up to date information on available beach jobs
  • Liaising with beach workers and local authorities
  • Utilizing social networking sites to share information with likeminded beach job seekers
  • Multiple applications in different beaches to improve the chances of absorption
  • Seeking relevant experience and expertise in a category of interest
  • Looking for informal beach jobs that require less experience
  • Exploring the various beach jobs including childcare in the beaches


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