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How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorneys?


When one is injured in an accident through no fault of theirs but through the negligence of another party thoughts may turn to attorneys, personal injury to be exact. However the issue of cost is generally a concern. While it is true that it is an expense to hire attorneys, personal injury attorneys often work a bit differently. Therefore, it is not as difficult for one to get specialized attorneys, personal injury ones anyway. If you feel that you have been hurt by something that another person is responsible for, it may be in your best interest to schedule a consultation with personal injury attorneys to see if they can help you.


During times of injury and stress, we often forget certain details, yet may remember others. For this reason it is a good idea to jot down notes as you receive treatment and as you speak to doctors and nurses and others involved in your care. This will make it easier to explain the details when meeting with attorneys. Personal injury attorneys will do best when they have as much detail as possible. Your consultation should be free of charge. This is where you will discuss what has happened and answer any questions that the attorney may have. Depending on the severity of the injuries and the amount of information you were able to provide, you may be advised then and there on whether or not you should pursue legal action. Other times you will have to wait while the attorney gathers information. This information may be from medical records.


If the personal injury attorney determines that you do in fact have cause for legal action, the fee for the attorney will be discussed at this time. Unlike other attorneys who will need a retainer and up front fees, a personal injury attorney does things differently. They usually will take on a case with no up front payment, the attorneys, personal injury, will be paid once the case is settled. This fee will be a percentage of the amount that the case is settled for. This is often around 40%. However, should the case not result in a monetary settlement, the attorney does not make any money at all.

If there comes a time during the case that the attorney feels that there not a good chance of winning, they will discuss this with you. You will then have the option of dropping the case, or moving forward at a cost. You will then be responsible for continuing the case by paying to go forward. This cost can be many thousands of dollars.

Most often when a case gets to this point, people will decide to heed the attorneys advice and drop it rather than spend so much of their money pursuing the case.

Tips and Comments

Be prepared that this may be a long process. Cases that go on for years is not unheard of.

Be ready to answer many questions from both your attorney and the attorney for the other party. It can be not only a long process but draining. This is why taking notes is a good idea.

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