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The Duties Of Criminal Justice Attorneys

Published at 01/26/2012 16:16:12

The Duties of Criminal Justice Attorneys

Criminal justice attorneys have the arduous task of representing people, or organizations, that have been charged with criminal offenses. The criminal attorney is basically the client’s source of refuge and hope. He needs to have a thorough understanding of the case to bring out facts that will ensure his client is judged fairly. He also has to defend his client’s rights because the said client does not have the necessary skill and knowledge to do it himself.


The duties of criminal justice attorneys are vital and absolutely necessary for anyone who has been charged with a crime. These duties entail;


  • Notifying the client of his rights to ensure he is aware of what is expected of him. These rights are beneficial to the client because they will prevent him from compromising his case.
  • Criminal justice attorneys can request for bail. This helps in a couple of ways. It will get the client out of jail and in surroundings he is more comfortable. This means he can easily help with details concerning the case.
  • The attorney will be able to advice his client on the best way to go about the case. It is important for the client to understand what the case entails. It is also important to know what the outcome of each scenario might be.
  • A case is successful when a client gets an acquittal, the charges are dropped or, the charges are reduced. This is possible with the knowledge and expertise of criminal justice attorneys.
  • A criminal attorney looks deeply into every aspect of the case to determine the allegations made. The information and details collected are what the attorney will use to defend his client in court.
  • Criminal justice attorneys question clients methodically to ensure they get a clear understanding of the happenings before presenting the case in court.
  • In order to collect all the vital evidence, documentation and additional information, criminal justice attorneys can get warrants. This eases the process of collecting all necessary material to defend his client.
  • Criminal attorneys will provide their clients with good counsel. They will inform them of their options such as, whether or not to have a jury trial, whether or not to testify, how to plead on the charges, etc.
  • Another crucial duty that criminal justice attorneys undertake is to decide who the strongest witnesses for questioning are. A criminal attorney will take them through the proceedings and explain to them what they should expect during cross examination.
  • Jury selection is crucial for any case. The jury determines the verdict and as such, criminal justice attorneys have to ensure they select impartial jurors.
  • Should you be mistakenly accused of a crime, a criminal justice attorney will provide evidence of your innocence. He will further petition for your immediate discharge.


Criminal justice attorneys have a vital role to society. If you are accused of any crime, it is best to seek the services of an attorney as soon as possible. Self representation will not afford you the professionalism required in legal issues. However, criminal justice attorneys have the aptitude necessary to prove your innocence and keep you out of jail.