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How To Find a Good Tax Attorney


There are many life events that make a big impact on your financial state and tax responsibilities. Tax deductions, new tax laws and audits are just a few of the ways a tax attorney can help. It isn’t always easy to find an experienced tax attorney that knows how to help your particular situation. There are a few steps you can take to find a good tax attorney.

If you need representation for appeal hearings, tax audits and IRS appeals that are held in a civil arena There are only three people who can help you; Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent. Certified Actuaries can also help in specific cases. Tax attorneys specialize in tax law. If you have an estate you need to file a tax return for a Tax attorney is invaluable.

Step 1

Utilize the Internet. There are several ways online that you can look for a tax attorney. Begin by just searching in a search engine using terms like “tax attorney” and the city and state you live in like “Bethesda, Maryland”. You might also want to try searching in the nearest metro or urban area to you. The concentration of talented and experienced tax attorneys will be much higher in an urban area than a rural community.

Step 2

Word of mouth is another great way to find a tax attorney that can help your particular case. Ask around. Explain to friends, neighbors, coworkers, peers and associates what your basic problem is and see if anyone can refer you to someone they know of. Someone you speak to may be able to refer you to a tax attorney who has helped them or someone they know.

Step 3

Contact your states bar association as well as the American bar Association and get all the info on those members in your state. You can also find out how long they have practiced tax law and if there are any accusations or criminal proceedings against them. You can see all of the extra certifications and accomplishments that he has as well.

Step 4

Check legal directories in your state for current tax lawyers in the area. Call several of them with a list of questions to help find one that can actually help you. Ask basic questions about how long they have been practicing tax law and if they have ever worked with the IRS and if they are also a Certified Public Account or employ one in their practice. Once you have established the answers to those questions you can narrow down the field by choosing one or two that seem most qualified. You can then relay more details about your issue to see if there is an exact match between you and the tax attorney.

Step 5

You can most definitely choose the wrong tax attorney. Be careful and take the selecting process extremely serious. Tax attorneys will be working with your cash, savings and investments. Any mistakes can lead to bankruptcy, criminal charges and even prison. Don’t hesitate to begin your search for a good tax attorney. Time can literally be money.

By Kelly Sons, published at 02/09/2012
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